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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Information Circular 1992-23


Guide to the Tectonic, Stratigraphic & Magmatic Setting of the Middle Proterozoic Stratiform Sediment-hosted Sullivan Zn-Pb Deposit, South-Eastern British Columbia


by Robert Turner, Trygve Höy, Craig Leitch & Doug Anderson


View Information Circular 1992-23 (PDF, 15.9 MB)

The Sullivan Project - Ocean Drilling Project field trip focuses on the nature of the Aldridge Formation in the vicinity of the Sullivan mine, south-eastern British Columbia. The field trip is not a general overview of the geology of this area but instead pays special attention to elucidating the tectonic setting of this Proterozoic sedimentary basin during a period of syn-rift turbidite sedimentation; intrusion by mafic magma; significant heating, movement and exhalation of hydrothermal fluids, and formation of extensive sediment alteration and mineralization including formation of the world class Sullivan ore-body.


This field guide is a preliminary version of the guide which will be prepared for a Belt Symposium field trip in August, 1993. As such it has not been subjected to the normal scientific and editorial review process.


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