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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Information Circular 2015-11 (updated by IC 2018-7)


The Peace River coalfields


Coal deposits in northeast British Columbia occur in the Foothills and Plains coalfields, together commonly referred to as the Peace River coalfield. The Foothills coalfield, which extends for over 400 km along the Rocky Mountains foothills, has produced approximately 130 million tonnes of bituminous coal. The Plains coalfield has not yet been profitably mined. In the Foothills, economically significant coal deposits occur in the Gething and Gates formations (Lower Cretaceous). Although the Minnes Group and Boulder Creek Formation contain coal, beds of adequate thickness and continuity to be profitably mined have not been discovered. Gates Formation coals are generally medium-volatile bituminous, although some of the deposits at the south end of the Foothills coalfield contain high-volatile bituminous coal. Gates Formation coals are low in sulphur and phosphorus. The rank of coal in the Gething Formation is variable, ranging from high-volatile bituminous to semianthracite. Gething coals generally wash easily to low clean ash content; some Gething coals are sufficiently low in ash that they do not require washing. Not all Gething coal seams yield coking coal, but the ultra-low volatile coal is marketed as pulverized coal injection (PCI) coal.


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