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GeoFile 2017-11

Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS) data update and release using the newly developed RGS database

T. Han and A.S. Rukhlov

This GeoFile is a release of the most current and complete province-wide geochemical data set collected under the Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS) program. This data set was generated by integrating RGS data previously published by the British Columbia Geological Survey and Geoscience BC. It was compiled from 111 original sources with 64,828 samples and about 5 million determinations analyzed using 18 methods in 18 laboratories. For the ease of use and consistency with previously published data, the data set is in a flat tabular format. Behind the scenes is the newly developed RGS database that operates through a semi-automated process for data compilation, quality control, upload, and product generation. This RGS database provides a solution for consistent, standardized, and long-term data storage and for timely data update and regular data release. The RGS data set is just one of many potential data products that can be generated from the RGS database.


Download GeoFile 2017-11 (PDF, 5.7 MB)


Download data (Excel ZIP, 78.6 MB)


Download header descriptions (Excel ZIP, 47 KB)


Download information (Excel ZIP, 36 KB)



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