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GeoFile 2016-4

New British Columbia lithogeochemical database: Development and preliminary data release

by Tian Han, Alexei S. Rukhlov, Mustafa Naziri, and Adrienne Moy 

A new database system was developed to maintain, update, and manage province-wide lithogeochemical data collected by British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS) geoscientists and their research partners. The database is populated with data compiled from 214 BCGS publications released between 1986 and 2015. It includes ~11,000 samples with about 250,000 determinations analyzed by 26 analytical methods in 21 laboratories. The database operates through a semi-automated process for data compilation, quality control, upload, and product generation, which helps provide consistent, standardized, and long-term data storage and update, and regular release. The data product derived from the database provided in this release is in a user-friendly format (CVS), which can be easily brought into GIS and geochemical data evaluation software for visualization and analysis.


Download GeoFile 2016-4 (PDF, 5.1 MB)


Download lithogeochem_data.csv (ZIP, 900 KB)


Download lithogeochem_lab.csv (ZIP, 4 KB)


Download lithogeochem_method.csv (ZIP, 82 KB)


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