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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2015-3

Regional Geochemical Survey Database 2015

by Alexei Rukhlov and Mustafa Naziri

A new MS Access database has been created to house results from the provincial Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS), an ongoing program that was initiated in 1976. The database uses a flat-table format readily compatible with GIS and geochemical software to aid exploration and development of mineral resources, environmental baseline monitoring, and land-use planning. The new database standard captures survey locations, field observations, analytical results, several multi-media surveys and geology underlying sites of about 65,000 fine-grained (<0.18 mm) stream- and lake-sediment and water samples. Geochemical determinations include up to 63 analytes from sediments and up to 78 analytes from water. The RGS currently covers approximately 80 percent of the province, with an average density of about 1 sample site per 7–13 km2. 


Download RGS_2015 database (Access, ZIP 18 MB)

Download RGS text (Word, 7.8 MB)

Download Table 1: RGS sediment methods (Excel, ZIP 9 KB)

Download Table 2: RGS water methods (Excel, ZIP 9 KB)

Download Table 3: RGS summary (Excel, ZIP 22 KB)

Download Table 4: data sources (Excel, ZIP 22 KB)

Download Table 5: RGS database metadata (Excel, ZIP 45 KB)



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