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GeoFile 2013-07:  Geochemistry of gossans and float in the Kootenay, Slide Mountain, and Quesnel terranes (NTS 92P, 82M, 82L)

by Roger C. Paulen and Ray E. Lett

In 1997 and 1998, the British Columbia Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada conducted till geochemistry surveys north of Kamloops. Trace, minor, and major element analyses from 1513 till samples contributed to the Eagle Bay Project, an integrated regional exploration program that focused on Devonian-Mississippian rocks of the Eagle Bay assemblage and Permian to Devonian rocks of the Fennell Formation. During the till geochemistry surveys, 60 grab samples were collected, 37 from gossanous outcrops and 23 from mineralized float. GeoFile 2013-07 presents analytical data derived from these samples, with a report and three spreadsheets.

Download Geofile report (PDF  2.2 Mb)
Download Appendix 1, description of float and bedrock samples (Excel, 14Kb)
Download Appendix 2, INAA results (Excel, 26 Kb)
Download Appendix 3, ICP results (Excel, 25 Kb


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