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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2014-09

Integration and delivery of British Columbia digital geology

by Y. Cui


The British Columbia Geological Survey has developed techniques to deliver to the exploration industry a continuously updated geological map of the province. Our ‘geologic framework data’ (GFD) model enables rapid integration of new mapping. These techniques are transferable, and the exploration industry can advance their own map integration by adopting our model.

The GFD model builds on the 2005 edition of our provincial bedrock map and operates in a spatial database. The spatial database makes it possible to handle large volumes of data, and permits multiple users to perform concurrent operations on the same GFD base. We have developed applications as part of the spatial database management system to automate checking-out, anchoring, and integration. These applications not only simplify the integration process, but also streamline rules-driven data quality assurance and content standardization, and automate auditing changes, populating bedrock attributes, generating map unit colour schemes, and creating customized maps for delivery via web services.


GeoFile 2014-09 is a poster that was presented at the annual Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference, 2014.


Download poster (PDF, 7.4 Mb)


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