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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2012-05:  Using Regionated KML Files to Speed up the Display of a Large Number of Regional Geochemical Survey Sites in British Columbia

by Yao Cui


View GeoFile 2012-05 (PDF, 282 KB)

Download KMZ (ZIP, 7.8 MB)


To speed up the display of over 60,000 Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS) sites on Google Earth®, regionated KML files have been produced. In this release, the data is extracted from the RGS database and the sample sites are ranked or scored based on copper content.  Due to the large number of sample sites, a single KML file containing all the sites would be too big both for displaying on Google Earth® or as a network link from a website. The regionation technique allows the creation of thousands of inter-linked small KML files (file sizes 9 KB or less in this case), and only fetches and displays a small number of KML files at a given viewing altitude, which significantly improves the performance of loading and displaying the sample sites.


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