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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review


GeoFile 2012-9:  Southern British Columbia: Geological Landscapes Highway Map


Geological Survey of Canada Popular Geoscience 98E


Turner, R.J.W., Anderson, R.G., Franklin, R., Ceh, M., Hastings, N., and Wagner, C.L., 2012 




Download front sheet (PDF, 14.3 MB)




Download back sheet (PDF, 13.8 MB)  


British Columbia has a rich geological heritage extending back in time for over 2.3 billion years. Because of a long history of mountain-building processes that continue today, much of this geoheritage is well exposed. The map is accessible to anyone with an interest in natural history. With over a hundred  photographs of roadside geological wonders thoughout southern BC and many synoptic diagrams that illustrate basic processes and principles, the map is a self guide to many of the geological features of the southern Cordillera.



Digital copies can also be downloaded from the Geological Survey of Canada (GEOSCAN Natural Resources Canada)






This map complements the Northern British Columbia Geological Landscapes Highway Map, which was released in 2007.
Turner, R.J.W., Franklin, R., Ceh, M., Evenchick, C., Hastings, N., Massey, N., and Wojdak, P., 2007. GSC Popular Geoscience 94E; BCGS GeoFile 2007-1). The northern map can be downloaded from



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