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GeoFile 2010-10/GSC Open File 5559:  GeoTour Guide for Prince George, British Columbia.  Our Land Sustains Us:  Geology, Landscapes, and Earth Resources

by R.J.W. Turner, G. Nowlan, R. Franklin, and N. Focht


View GeoFile 2010-10 (PDF, 4.1 MB)


Prince George, like any other community, is dependent on the Earth for water, food, materials and energy. Not only does the Earth provide resources but it accepts our wastes. The purpose of this field guide is to explore how the community of Prince George “lives off the land”. How has the local landscape shaped human use of the area? Where does the drinking water supply come from? Where does the sewage go? Where does the garbage go? Where does the energy, which fuels people’s lives, come from? What earth materials underlie this landscape and how do they affect us? What local earth resources to people in Prince George depend on? Are we sustaining the land that sustains us?

This guide takes a tour of the city area. The sites will be familiar to many but the guide may inspire a new look with “landscape eyes”. A better understanding of how we depend on the land, helps us to better consider how “best practices” can protect the land and ensure that the land continues to sustain us.


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