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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2008-7:  A Multi-Media GeoChemical Orientation Study over the JEN Claims (Murray Property), Blackwater River, BC (NTS 93G03)

by Ray Lett, James Logan and Zoe Sandwith


View GeoFile 2008-7 (PDF, 316 KB)


Copper mineralization has been found during past exploration of the JEN mineral claims (Murray Property) near the Blackwater River and the published results of a government regional geochemical survey detected up to 138 ppb Au in the sediment collected from streams draining the claims.  Geofile 2008-7 documents the results of detailed geochemical sampling and a geological examination of selected outcrops in the area.


Geofile 2008-7 is an example of a multi-media geochemical orientation study combined with detailed geological mapping aimed at better understanding the relationship between mineralized bedrock and the geochemistry of the overlying soil and steam sediment. High nickel and chromium in bedrock reflect mafic to ultramafic rocks within a shear zone.  Anomalous gold levels in moss sediment from a creek east of the shear zone and the presence of several gold grains isolated from the bulk sediment heavy mineral concentrate may be evidence of near-by concealed gold mineralization.


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