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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2008-3:  Results of field investigations in the

Beetle Infested Zone 2006: Radiometric age determination data

by T. Ullrich, R.M. Friedman, M.G. Mihalynuk and J.M. Logan


View GeoFile 2008-3 (XLS, 1.2 MB)


GeoFile 2008-3 is part of a Provincial program to stimulate economic diversification British Columbia communities which have been adversely impacted by the Mountain Pine Beetle. Southern interior portions of British Columbia that have been most severely affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle are included in the Beetle Impacted Zone (BIZ).


Geofile 2008-3 includes the raw digital data files for age determinations made as part of reconnaissance field investigations in the BIZ. This information will be of interest mainly to geochronologists who wish to assess the quality of the isotopic age data presented in Mihalynuk et al. (2008). Most users will find the geochronological synopsis presented in Mihalynuk et al. (2008) of more utility as it is presented together with geological background and significance of the age determinations. Location information for other samples collected for isotopic age dating as part of the study, but yet to be released, is also included in Geofile 2008-3. All data and original plots are included as worksheets in “Geofile2008-3_UllrichEtAl.xls”.


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