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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2008-2:  Analytical Results from Investigations in the Chezacut Map Area (NTS 93C/08) and Other Select Areas within the Beetle Infested Zone 2007

by C.R. Peat, M.G. Mihalynuk, T. Ferbey, and L.J. Diakow


Download GeoFile 2008-2 (XLS, 164 KB)
View GeoFile 2008-2 Sample Locations (PDF, 57 KB)


GeoFile 2008-2 is part of an ongoing programme to help reduce the economic impact on communities within British Columbia that have been affected by the widespread infestation of mountain pine beetle. The programme aims to promote mineral exploration in areas where logging is the dominant industry, as logging activity is expected to decrease once the dead trees no longer have any economic value.


The Chezacut area was targeted for revision mapping because of relatively good logging road access and a historical lack of mineral exploration that we believed to be unwarranted. Significant mineralization was discovered during the first two weeks of mapping. Geological mapping demonstrated that rock exposures are more extensive and Chilcotin basalt is less extensive than previously recognized, giving incentive for future mineral exploration in the area.


GeoFile 2008-2 presents lithogeochemical data from rock samples collected with the Chezacut map area, which is located on British Columbia’s Fraser Plateau (part of the Interior Plateau physiographic region). Refer to Open File 2008-2: Chezacut area Geology (93C/08) by Mihalynuk et al. for more details on the bedrock geology of the map area.



Mihalynuk, M.G., Peat, C.R., Orovan, E.A., Terhune, K., Ferby, T. and McKeown, M.A. (2008): Chezacut area geology (NTS 93C/8); BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Open File 2008-2, 1:50 000 scale.


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