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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2007-5:  Results of Reconnaissance Surveys in the Interior Plateau Beetle Infested Zone (BIZ)

by Mihalynuk, M.G.; Harker, L.L.; Lett, R.E.; Grant, B.


Geofile 2007-5 is part of an economic diversification initiative by the Province of BC, which aids communities affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle.
Pine forests extend across much of the interior plateau of southern British Columbia where they are the principal commercial tree species. These forests are infested by the Mountain Pine Beetle, and it is estimated that by 2016 less than ~10% of the already diminished 2006 volume of pine will be left standing. Economic welfare of the many forestry-dependent communities in the Beetle Infested Zone (BIZ) will be severely impacted. Anticipating an economic downturn in the forestry sector, the Provincial Government is supporting economic diversification throughout the region via stimulation of other industries. Work presented in Geofile 2007-5 is a part of that provincial effort aimed at stimulation of new jobs in the high-paying mineral exploration and mining industries.

Reconnaissance field studies conducted during 2006 as part of the BIZ Project were aimed at optimizing the design of future BC Geological Survey field programs within the BIZ. A principal objective of the project is to demonstrate how application of conventional and non-conventional exploration techniques can be successfully applied to large tracts of the BIZ, and how geoscientific information can best benefit British Columbians living within the BIZ.

Results of the 2006 program are presented in Geofile 2007-5 as two parts:

View Geofile2007-5-readme.pdf (PDF, 19.6 MB)

Part A provides a summary of 2006 BIZ project activities in poster format (pdf):

View Geofile2007-5aMihalynukEtAl-A-l.pdf (PDF, 21,088 KB)
Download Geofile2007-5aMihalynukEtAl-A-2 (.ZIP 21,127 KB; MANIFOLD GIS, 21,267 KB)
Download Geofile2007-5aMihalynukEtAl-A-3 (.ZIP file 512 KB which includes:
  -  Geofile2007-5aMihalynukEtAl-A-3 (GRD, 1163 KB)
  -  Geofile2007-5aMihalynukEtAl-A-4 (XML, 2 KB)
  -  Geofile2007-5aMihalynukEtAl-A-5 (PRJ, 1 KB)

Part B presents analytical results together with annotations and maps. Specific results included within Part B are:
- data from analysis of stream sediment samples collected from in and around the BIZ (.xls)
- lithogeochemical data from rock samples collected (.xls)
- analytical data from samples containing native copper prepared using variable grinding times and digestion -

  techniques with the aim of accurate determination of copper content (.xls)
- geochemical analysis of sieved and magnetic separates of samples collected from eskers in the Nazko
  area (.xls)
- magnetic susceptibility data measured on a variety of lithologies within and around the BIZ (.xls)

Download Geofile2007-5bMihalynukEtAl-B-1to5 (XLS, 244 KB)

- compilations of Provincial regional geochemical data contoured for four elements (Au, Mo, U (water), and 
  Th in Manifold .map and .pdf formats)
View Geofile2007-5bMihalynukEtAl-B-6-Au.pdf (PDF, 9.1 MB)
View Geofile2007-5bMihalynukEtAl-B-7-Mo.pdf (PDF, 8.6 MB)
View Geofile2007-5bMihalynukEtAl-B-8-Uw.pdf (PDF, 9.5 MB)
View Geofile2007-5bMihalynukEtAl-B-9-Th.pdf (PDF, 8.6 MB)

- thickness model for the Chilcotin Group (Manifold .map format).
  Download Geofile2007-5aMihalynukEtAl-B-10 (.ZIP 44,082 KB; Manifold .map format, 44 MB)


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