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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review
Northern British Columbia: Geological Landscapes Highway Map

BCMEMPR GeoFile 2007-1
GSC Popular Geoscience 94E


Turner, R.J.W., Franklin, R., Ceh, M., Evenchick, C., Hastings, N., Massey, N., and Wojdak, P.
Geological Survey of Canada
British Columbia Geological Survey




View GeoFile 2007-1 North Sheet (PDF, 43.2 KB)




View GeoFile 2007-1 South Sheet (PDF, 50.7 KB)  


The Geological Landscapes Highway Map for Northern British Columbia results from a cooperative project between the Geological Survey of Canada and the British Columbia Geological Survey.


The maps are designed to provide visual material explaining some of the more interesting geological features commonly seen while travelling the various highways in the northern part of the province. The land is viewed through "geological eyes" and the map's many colours represent the different geological materials that underlie this diverse landscape. The accompanying photos and illustrations, with the text explanations, help to explain what the various mountain chains are composed of, why is farmland typically so flat, and why there are so few outcrop exposures between Prince George and Smithers, etc.


Northern BC is a highly diverse landscape composed of many elements which are interesting in their form and because of the processes which led to their creation.


Interestingly, the maps also provide information on the mines which have contributed to the social fabric and community well-being in the Province's north, some of which still provide jobs and significant economic benefits to their surrounding communities. Additionally, some of the more significant major prospects, e.g. Galore Creek (6), are also located and these will prove to be significant economic assets for communities and the province well into the future.


This map complements the Southern British Columbia Geological Landscapes Highway Map, which was released in 2012.
Turner, R.J.W., Anderson, R.G., Franklin, R., Ceh, M., Hastings, N., and Wagner, C.L., 2012.  The southern map can be downloaded from


Digital copies can also be downloaded from the Geological Survey of Canada (GEOSCAN Natural Resources Canada)






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