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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2006-7: Massive Sulphide Deposits at Myra Falls Operations, Vancouver Island British Columbia

Mineral Deposits Division of the Geological Association of Canada Cordilleran Round-Up Field Trip January 2005


View GeoFile 2006-7 (PDF, 12,099 KB)


Part 1 – Field Trip Guide - A. Chong, M. Becherer, R. Sawyer, H. Wasteneys, R. Baldwin, F. Bakker, and I. McWilliams

Part 2 – Overview of Selected Topics on the Massive Sulphide Deposits at Myra Falls - Update 2005 - A. Chong


This paper is divided into two parts. The first part is a brief description of the location, infrastructure and general geology. Included in this section is the itinerary and guide for the underground tour.


The second part delves into selected geological aspects by both academic researchers and company geologists. Studies have focused on characterizing the volcanic stratigraphy, paleotopography, lithogeochemistry, structure, specific individual massive sulphide deposits, metal zoning and exploration strategy. Included in this paper is the rich exploration and mining history at Myra Falls, as well as summaries of research and observations describing the VHMS deposits at Myra Falls on a property scale. Topics include synvolcanic faults, footwall and hangingwall hydrothermal alteration, orebody geometries, ore reserves, and property scale metal zoning. 


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