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GeoFile 2006-6:  British Columbia Geological Survey symbols V1.7 and V2.0 for Manifold® Geographic Information System

by Mitchell G. Mihalynuk, Brian Grant and Shannon M.S. Mallory


Download GeoFile 2006-6 (ZIP, 429 KB)
View GeoFile 2006-6.pdf (368 kb)


Manifold® is a full-featured, inexpensive, commercial Geographic Information System (GIS).  It costs one or two orders of magnitude less than other GIS software suites that have comparable functionality, and it operates under Windows XP, providing formidable GIS analytical and display capabilities to anybody with a modest budget.


For the production of geological maps, however, Manifold ®1 right out of the box, comes up short.  It lacks a library of geological symbols, geological fault symbol line types and patterned fills.


Custom geological symbols can be created for Manifold through the pared-down implementation of Extensible Markup Language (XML). We have used XML to create a more than 180 symbols and two dozen fill patterns ("area styles" in Manifold), and six custom line types (thrust and normal faults) that are available as part of this publication: GeoFile 2006-6. Fifteen digital files comprise GeoFile 2006-6:


This report, GeoFile 2006-6.pdf (368 kb)

·        Version 1.7 XML coded symbols and fills for Manifold 6.0 or legacy maps: BCGSgeosymbolV1.7.3.xml          

·        Manifold project file named BC Geological Survey symbols (hereafter referred to as V1.7). It includes

         drawings of version 1.7 (BCGS GeosymbolsV1.7) symbols and fills and tabulation of codes.     

·        Version 1.7 Manifold point style theme: BCGSgeosymbolsV1.7Theme.xml                       

·        Version 2.0 XML coded symbols, fills and line styles for Manifold 6.5: BCGSgeosymbolV2.0.4.xml     

·        Manifold project file named BC Geological Survey symbols (hereafter referred to as V2.0). It includes

         drawings and tabulations of the most up-to-date version of symbols, patterned fills and line-types publicly

         available from the BC Geological Survey (BCGS GeosymbolsV2.0).                                    

·        Version 2.0 Manifold point style theme: BCGSgeosymbolsV2.0Theme.xml                       

·        Portable Network Graphics image files: 8 files, about 800 bytes each, which are shaded, 3-D representations of

         coloured dew drops. To use these files, they must be copied to a subdirectory of the “Manifold System\Config

         directory named “images” i.e.: “…\Manifold System\Config\images”.


Users are urged to use version 2 symbols for best results.

All publications of the BC Geological Survey are available digitally, free of charge, from this website.


For questions or more information on geology and minerals in British Columbia contact BCGS Mailbox or call toll free (BC Residents only).