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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2006-5:  Geology and Mineralization of the Iron Mask Batholith

by Jim Logan, Mitchell G. Mihalynuk, Tom Ullrich and Richard Friedman


View GeoFile 2006-5.pdf (13.5 kb)


This Geofile reviews the regional geological setting, tectonics, geochronology, geophysics, mineralization and alteration characteristics of the Iron Mask Batholith.  Displayed are vein and porphyry related economic deposits associated with the batholith. It provides some exploration guidelines and conclusions on the characteristic geological features common to the batholith.


This poster was created for the KEG 2006 Conference.  The Iron Mask survey was delivered through support from the Rocks to Riches (AMEBC) program and Geoscience Partnerships developed between Abacus Mining and Exploration, Imperial Metals Corporation and Nova Gold Corporation to study alkaline porphyry copper-gold deposits.


The 1995 Iron Mask Geophysical Survey completed by the Geological Survey of Canada and released as BCMEM Open File 2005-13 and GSC Open File 2817 includes re-contoured residual, vertical gradient and horizontal gradient magnetics and potassium, thorium, uranium, thorium/potassium, uranium/potassium and uranium/thorium plots. PDF theme files are also available in Open File 2006-12: Integrated Airborne Geophysical, Geology and Mineral Occurrence Data, Iron Mask Batholith.  Geology of the Iron Mask Batholith is available as Open File Map 2006-11.


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