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GeoFile 2006-10: Compilation of Regional Geochemical Survey Data
from the Bella Coola Area, British Columbia
(NTS Map Sheets 093D, C and E)

by Ray Lett and Britt Bluemel


View GeoFile 2006-10 Survey Summary (PDF, 86 KB, 3 pages)
View GeoFile 2006-10 Appendix A - Listings (PDF, 108 KB, 48 pages)
View GeoFile 2006-10 Appendix B - Maps (PDF, 3.3 MB, 20 pages)
Download GeoFile 2006-10 Data Files (XLS and DBF formats, 199 KB, 2 files)
View Analytical Data Summaries: 093C, 093D, and 093E


Stream sediment analyses, from several regional geochemical surveys, carried out by the BC Geological Survey in the Bella Coola area of coastal British Columbia have been compiled into a single file for convenience and to accompany recent geological map product releases from the Geological Survey of Canada and the BC Geological Survey. These multi-element data can assist geologists and mineral industry companies in identifying prospective exploration areas for new mines.


Geofile 2006-10 presents analytical data compiled from previous regional geochemical surveys in the Bella Coola (NTS 93D), Whitesail Lake (93E) and Anahim Lake (93C) map sheets, which were release previously. This digital release consists of reports and maps in PDF format, plus ZIP files with raw data files in XLS and DBF formats. The Geofile data product comprises analyses of 790 sample for 17 trace elements, loss on ignition (LOI) and stream water pH extracted from BC Regional Geochemical Survey reports RGS56 and RGS16. These data have been combined into a single file for convenience. Elements selected were determined by similar analytical methods in the two surveys. Element variations across the area are shown as symbol maps.


The Bella Coola-Whitesail Lake area is underlain by Mesozoic Hazelton Group, Coast Complex plutonic rocks and Cretaceous-Tertiary intrusive rock and has the potential for volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) mineralization, precious metal vein and Cu-Mo porphyry deposits. A compilation of geosciences information for the Bella Coola area will be published by the Geological Survey of Canada, in cooperation with the BC Geological Survey.


Geological Mapping References for this area:

Haggart, J.W., Diakow, L.J., Mahoney, J.B., Woodsworth, G.J., Struik, L.C., Gordee, S.M., Israel, S., Hooper, R., van der Heyden, P., Rusmore, M., Lett, R.E, Ceh, M., Hastings, N.L and Wagner, C. (2007): Bedrock Geology, Bella Coola Region, British Columbia (NTS 93D/01, /02, /03, /06, /07, /08, /09, /10, /11, 14, /15, /16, 92M/15, /16, 92N/13, 93C/04, /05, 93E/02, /03); Geological Survey of Canada Open File 5410 (CD download), British Columbia Geological Survey Geoscience Map 2006-7.


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