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GeoFile 2005-22: Re-analysis of Toodogoone River (NTS 94E) and McConnell Creek (NTS 94D) Regional Stream Sediment Samples

by Ray Lett


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Geofile 2005-22 reports new analytical data for regional geochemical survey samples collected from the Toodoggone River (NTS 94E, RGS46) and McConnell Creek (NTS 94D, RGS45) map sheets in 1996.  This digital release consists of a 132-page report in PDF format, and four appendices in a ZIP format file.


The original surveys were carried out in 1996, and generated about 2000 stream sediment samples from 1885 sites over a 25 000-square kilometre area. Initially, in 1996, the samples were analyzed for trace elements using aqua regia digestion-atomic absorption spectrometry and by instrumental neutron activation. These sediment samples were re-analyzed in 1997 for 30 elements using inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry (ICP/ES) after extraction with separate hydroxylamine hydrochloride and sodium acetate leaches.  This data was not previously reported.


Copper-molybdenum geochemical targets highlighted by the partial extraction results in the Toodoggone River map sheet include the area of the Kemess North deposit and the TK Cu-Mo prospect.


Recent Geological Mapping References for this area:

Open File Map 2005-3: Geology between the Finlay and Toodoggone Rivers, Toodoggone River Map Area, North-Central British Columbia (Parts of NTS 94E/2, 6 and 7) Scale 1:50,000. Geology by Larry J. Diakow, Graham T. Nixon, Ryan Rhodes and Bob Lane.


Open File 2005-4: Geology of the Johanson Lake Area (Parts of NTS 94D/8 and 9) 1:50,000-scale; Geology by Paul Schiarizza and Sen Huy Tan; U-Pb geochronology by R. Friedman; Conodont identifications by M. Orchard; Cartography by Ryan Rhodes.

Geology of McConnell Creek - Toodogone River Area


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