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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2005-18:  Till Geochemistry -  A Viable Tool for Polymetallic Mineral Exploration in British Columbia's Southern Interior
(NTS 92I, 92P, 82L, 82M)

by Roger C. Paulen and Ray E. Lett


GeoFile 2005-18 (PDF, 3357 KB)
GeoFile 2005-18 ReadMe document (Word, 26 KB)
GeoFile 2005-18 Table 96 (Excel, ZIP 109 KB)
GeoFile 2005-18 Table 97-98 (Excel, ZIP 180 KB)


Between 1996 and 1998, the BC Geological Survey carried out regional till geochemical surveys in the Adams Plateau area of central British Columbia. More than 1500 samples of glacial till were collected and analysed for trace elements and major oxides. The data results were released previously as BC Geological Survey Open Files.


Geofile 2005-18 is an overview of the techniques used to collect and analyse the samples, the regional ice-flow history and the distribution of iron (Fe2O3), calcium (CaO), titanium (TiO2), chromium (Cr2O3), arsenic (As), gold (Au), nickel (Ni) and copper (Cu) in the till samples. There is a close relationship of tillCr2O3 and TiO2 to the underlying geology demonstrating that till geochemistry can be used to identify host rocks favourable for mineralization in drift covered areas.  Numerous hill till Au, Cu and As values in the northwest part of the surveyed area may reflect concealed bedrock mineralization and potentially new exploration targets.  With the Geofile text are digital files in Excel format containing all of the element data.


For Previous Till Geochemistry data releases:

Bobrowsky, P.T., Leboe, E.R., Dixon-Warren, A., Ledwon, A., MacDougall, D. & Sibbick, S.J. (1997b): Till geochemistry of the Adams Plateau-North Barriere Lake Area (82M/4 and 5). BC Ministry of Employment and Investment, Open File 1997-9, 263 p.


Bobrowsky, P.T., Paulen, R., Little, E., Prebble, A., Ledwon, A., and Lett, R. (1998): Till geochemistry of the Louis Creek - Chu Chua Creek area (NTS 92P/1E and 92P/8E); BC Ministry of Energy and Mines, 1998.  Open File 1998-6, 253 p.


Paulen, R.C., Bobrowsky, P.T., Lett, R.E, Jackaman, W., Bichler, A.J. and Wingerter, C. (2000a): Till geochemistry of the Shuswap Highlands area, British Columbia (Parts of NTS 82M/3, 82L/13 and 82L/14). BC Ministry of Energy and Mines, Open File 2000-18, 239 p.


Paulen, R.C., Bobrowsky, P.T., Lett, R.E, Jackaman, W., Bichler, A.J. and Wingerter, C. (2000): Till geochemistry of the Chu Chua - Clearwater area, British Columbia (Parts of NTS 92P/8 and 92P/9); BC Ministry of Energy and Mines, Open File 2000-17, 233 p.

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