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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2005-17: Regional Geochemical Survey Database on CD

by Ray Lett

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GeoFile 2005-17 gives a general outline of the regional geochemical survey program collection, preparation and analytical methods.  The British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines has been involved in reconnaissance-scale stream sediment and water surveys since 1976.  This program has generated high quality stream and lake sediment and surface water data from geochemical surveys carried out across Canada.  In British Columbia the National Geochemical Reconnaissance (NGR) program, known as the Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS), has covered roughly 70 per cent of the province with stream sediment and stream water sampling at an average sample density of one sample per 13 square kilometres.  In the process just over 45,000 samples have been collected and analyzed for up to 50 elements including gold, copper, molybdenum and zinc.  As part of the NGR program, the BC RGS continues to maintain sample collection, preparation and analytical standards established by the Geological Survey of Canada.


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