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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2005-13: Heavy Mineral Survey and its Significance for Diamond Exploration, Fort Nelson Area, BC

by Simandl, G.J.; Ferbey, T.; Levson, V.M.; Demchuk, T.E.; Hewett, T.; Smith, I.R.; and Kjarsgaard, I.


View GeoFile 2005-13 (PDF, 2054 Kb)


The objective of GeoFile 2005-13 was to collect and process glaciofluvial sands and gravels to analyze for the presence or absence of kimberlite indicator minerals (KIMs) in the Fort Nelson area.  Of 20 samples collected and processed, 14 contain KIMs such as purple pyrope, yellowish eclogitic garnet, Cr-diopside, olivine, ilmenite, or spinel.  It is possible that these minerals are derived from primary, secondary or tertiary sources within the Fort Nelson area.  It is also possible, however, that they were brought intothe region from the Northwest Territories and Alberta by Late Pleistocene glacial and glaciofluvial systems.


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