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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2005-12: Precambrian Basement - NE British Columbia - New U-Pb Geochronological Data and their Significance for Diamond Exploration

by Simandl, G.J.; Davis, W.; Hewett, T.

View GeoFile 2005-12 (PDF, 3.7 MB)


GeoFile 2005-12 was proposed to enhance our understanding of crystalline basement in northeastern British Columbia.  Seven new U-Pb zircon ages for this area are reported for samples of drill cuttings.  Samples B5 (1854±6 Ma) and B25 (minimum age 1.75 Ga; inherited zircon 1.89 - 2.23 Ga) are located within but near the edge of Nova terrane as currently defined.  Sample B2 plots within the Kiskatinaw terrane and samples B11 (1994±7 Ma), B12 (1993±7 Ma) and B14 (1993±7 Ma) plot within the Ksituan terrane.  Sample B34 (1859±10 Ma), located near the British Columbia -Yukon Border, occurs within the Fort Simpson terrane.  The samples from the Nova terrane returned Paleoproterozoic ages and thus did not confirm the popular interpretation that assigns Archean age to Nova terrane.  The age indicated by the inherited zircon from sample B25 is similar to 2.0 and 2.3 Ga ages previously reported for the Buffalo Head terrane, which is believed to be reworked Archean basement.  This finding is important from the exploration point of view since the Buffalo Head terrane in neighbouring Alberta hosts diamondiferous kimberlites.


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