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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2004-4:  Web-Based Solutions for Geoscience Data -

by Larry Jones, Pat Desjardins, Ward Kilby


View GeoFile (PDF, 6.21 MB)


Image Analysis Toolbox (IAT): This BC and Yukon Chamber of Mines’ Rocks to Riches program, delivered by Cal Data Ltd., provides image analysis capability for the MapPlace. The IAT is a framework to add, process and display a variety of multi and hyperspectral imagery. The IAT includes the Enhanced Satellite Imagery, a series of enhanced Landsat images which facilitate geological interpretation, such as for structure and alteration. These images, delivered by McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd., are integrated into the Exploration Assistant on so all existing information contained in the system may be referenced to this new set of imagery. A description of these projects and use of the IAT are available in Fieldwork 2003, pages 209 to 215.


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