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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2004-2:  The British Columbia Mineral Potential Project

1992-1997 - Methodology and Results


by Ward E. Kilby


View GeoFile 2004-2 (PDF, 21.8MB)


A long document (some 330 pages long, and submitted as Bulletin 111) details the methodology used in performing a comprehensive mineral potential assessment of 948,596 square kilometres (total area of BC). It discusses the results and the reliability of the assessments.  The province is divided into "homogeneous" tracts and the mineral potential of each tract is assessed with respect to each of the Mineral Deposit types applicable.  Any past production is reported and an educated guess of how much more might be waiting to be found is reported in the form of probability statements.  Composite maps are presented suggesting how prospective an area is considered to be.  Of use to geologists, land planners, and ecological reserve managers alike.  (An enormous amount of data are found in this 22 MB PDF file).


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