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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2003-9:  Marksmen Partnership - Potential for Shallow Submarine VMS (Eskay-Style) and Intrusive-Related Gold Mineralization, Tutshi Lake Area

by M. Mihalynuk


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In the Tutshi Lake area, felsic volcanics overlie, in a gradational manner, sediments, marking the transition from shallow submarine to subaerial depositional environment.  A new zircon date of 124.9 Ma dates the Middle Ridge sequence as young middle Early Cretaceous in age.  The sedimentary environment is similar to that at Eskay Creek in the much older Hazelton Group, but possibility of shallow VMS suggested by similarity in geologic setting may be enhanced by regional geochemical anomalies in Au-Sb-As.  A dyke has yielded an assay of 18 ppm gold from a gold stibnite arsenopyrite vein in a dyke in the Middle Ridge Intrusion.  The possibility of "intrusion related" gold is noted.


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