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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2003-7:  Atlin TGI:  Geological Highlights and Mineralization, Nakina Transect

by M. Mihalynuk

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The Targeted Geologic Initiative at Atlin provides evidence that the Nakina Transect contains geological environments that are prospective for a variety of mineral deposit types as well as raising possibility of hydrocarbon accumulations.  Of key importance has been the discovery of submarine felsic volcanic rocks of Late Permian to Middle Triassic age; coeval with those hosting the volcanogenic massive sulphide accumulations at Kutcho Creek.  Volcanic quartz in detrital sediments located in various parts of mapped region attest to the abundance of felsic volcanism in this part of the Cache Creek Terrane.  The region around Thunder Alley is prospective for exhalites.  The origin of the newly discovered Joss'alun concordant massive copper sulphide in submarine volcanic rocks also focuses on the increased prospectivity of the region. 


The geological framework has been updated with new stratigraphic assignments, fossil collections and age dates.


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