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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2003-5:  Geology of Lorraine Cu-Au Porphyry:  New Concepts

by G.T. Nixon


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New mapping at Lorraine Cu-Au Prospect in central BC has distinguished two intrusive suites in the Duck Creek Complex with differing characteristics.  The earlier phase consists of pyroxenite and melasyenites with cumulate textures and primary laminar flow textures, which apparently "youngs" to the west and has gradational contacts with the enclosing Hogem Batholith, and contrasts markedly with a second phase of intrusion with sharp intrusive contacts and leucosyenite compostion.  Oscillatory zoning, special mineralogy and textures suggest crystallization in a subvolcanic environment.  The Cu-Au mineralization is associated with the leucosyenites in time and place.  Layered migmatites are now thought to represent metasomatic textures variably accentuated by ductile strain.


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