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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2001-5 - Oil & Gas Resource Potential of the Bowser-Whitehorse Area of British Columbia

by Peter Hannigan, P.J. Lee and K.G. Osadetz
Petroleum Resources Subdivision - Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary


Please Note: Since the time these reports were generated much new work has been done in the area. Therefore, the oil and gas volumes and conclusions reached in these reports may be impacted significantly in the light of this new information. These reports are provided for the convenience of clients and recent information should also be researched.


Table of Contents

Oil and Gas Resource Potential of Bowser-Whitehorse Area  (138 Kb PDF document)
Appendix 1 (800 Kb PDF document)
Appendix 2 (3.7 Mb PDF document)
Figures 1 to 12 (900 Kb PDF document)

Note: The following maps have been revised as of January 2002 and may not correspond exactly to the maps in the original report: (Each of these maps is about 1 Mb and in an Adobe PDF file format)
Map 1: Bowser/Whitehorse Oil & Gas Assessment - Cretaceous/Paleogene Gas Plays  
Map 2: Bowser/Whitehorse Oil & Gas Assessment- Cretaceous Oil Plays
Map 3: Bowser/Whitehorse Oil & Gas Assessment - Jurassic Plays
Map 4: Bowser/Whitehorse Oil & Gas Assessment- Permian & Triassic Plays
Map 5: Bowser/Whitehorse Oil & Gas Assessment- Cenozoic Plays
Map 6: Bowser/Whitehorse Oil & Gas Assessment - Hydrocarbon Potential 

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