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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 2000-2:  Platinum Group Element Mineral Occurrences in British Columbia

Compiled by the BC Geological Survey 

View GeoFile (PDF, 1.5 MB)

This map shows the locations of about 100 platinum group element (PGE) occurrences for British Columbia as currently listed in the provincial mineral database (MINFILE). Included are representatives of 7 different modes of occurrence for PGE's: surficial, magmatic (flood basalt-associated, gabbroic-associated, podiform chromite, Alaskan-type, and alkalic intrusion related) and veins.


See also PGEs Pamphlet, including Table of PGEs in BC and General References; Table of 16 active PGE properties in BC.

Two related PGE studies were conducted during the 2000 field program by the BC Geological Survey.  The alkaline intrusion-related systems in southern BC was studied by Graham Nixon and will be released as Open File 2001-14, Open File 2002-7 and were released as GeoFile 2002-2 and GeoFile 2004-6 (contact (250) 952-0448 or for comments or questions).  In addition, Chris Ash examined placer occurrences with reported PGE's.


All publications of the BC Geological Survey are available digitally, free of charge, from this website.


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