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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GeoFile 1996-1:  New Mineral Deposit Models for the Cordillera

Abstracts for presentation at the 1996 Cordilleran Roundup Short Course.


Table of Contents



A - Making Models Matter - Mike Etheridge, Etheridge, Henley & Williams

B - British Columbia Mineral Deposit Profiles - David Lefebure, British Columbia Geological Survey


Gold Skarns and Carlin-type Deposits

C - Characteristics of Gold Skarns - Gerry Ray, British Columbia Geological Survey

D - Recent Refractory Gold Discoveries on the Carlin Trend, Nevada - David Groves, Newmont Exploration


E - Carlin-type Gold Deposits: Canadian Potential? - Howard Poulsen, Geological Survey of Canada


Sediment-hosted Mineralization

F - Sediment-hosted Stratiform Copper - Rod Kirkham, Geological Survey of Canada

G - Sedex Pb-Zn Deposits: Creating a Framework for Understanding and Using Hydrothermal Alteration as an Exploration Guide - Bob Turner, Geological Survey of Canada

H - Genesis of Carbonaceous Shale-hosted Ni-Mo-PGE Deposits - Wayne Goodfellow, Geological Survey of Canada, Helmut Geldsetzer, Geological Survey of Canada, Ken Pride, Cominco Exploration, Tom T.Uyeno, Geological Survey of Canada and D. Conrad Gregoire, Geological Survey of Canada

I - Irish-type Carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn Deposits - Godfrey Walton, Hemlo Gold Mines Inc.

J - Prairie-type, Sedimentary Au-Ag-Cu - Hugh Abercrombie, Geological Survey of Canada


Intrusive and Porphyry-related Gold

K - The Dublin Gulch Intrusive-Hosted Gold Deposit - Hans Smit, Consultant

L - Intrusion-related Gold and Base Metal Mineralization Associated with the Early Cretaceous Tombstone Plutonic Suite, Yukon and East-Central Alaska - Jim Mortensen, University of British Columbia

M - Porphyry Copper and Related Gold Mineralization in the Sulphurets District of Northwestern British Columbia - Implications for Intrusion-related Gold Exploration - Jake Margolis, Homestake Mining Company

N - Red Mountain, Northwestern British Columbia: Auriferous Pyrite Stockworks in a Zoned Subvolcanic Porphyry-Like System - David Rhys, Consultant and former Lac Minerals staf


Gold Veins

O - Mesothermal Gold-Quartz Vein Deposits in Oceanic Terranes of the British Columbia Cordillera - Chris Ash, British Columbia Geological Survey, R.W.J. Macdonald, MDRU, University of British Columbia and P.R. Reynolds, Dalhousie University

P - The Snip and Johnny Mountain Gold Mines: Early Jurassic Intrusive-related Vein Deposits, Iskut River Area, Northwestern British Columbia - David Rhys, Consultant

Q - Intrusion-related Au-(Ag-Cu) Pyrrhotite Veins - Dani Alldrick, British Columbia Geological Survey


Shallow Subaqueous VMS and Epithermals

R - The Eskay Creek Mine: A Precious Metal-rich Clastic Sulphide-Sulphosalt Deposit - Tina Roth, MDRU, University of British Columbia/Homestake Canada Inc.

S - Shallow Submarine Hot Spring Deposits - Mark Hannington, Geological Survey of Canada

T - Magmatic Contributions to Seafloor Deposits: Exploration Implications of a High Sulphidation VMS Environment - John F.H. Thompson, MDRU, University of British Columbia, R.H. Sillitoe, Consulting Geologist and M.D. Hannington, Geological Survey of Canada

U - Subvolcanic Au-Ag-Cu Mineralization: Transitions Between Porphyry Copper and Epithermal Environments - Andre Panteleyev, British Columbia Geological Survey


Cordilleran Exploration Targets

V - Wrangellia - a New Ni-Cu Metallogenetic Terrane - Larry Hulbert, Geological Survey of Canada and Rob Carne, Archer, Cathro and Associates

W - Sediment-hosted Magnesite Deposits - George Simandl, British Columbia Geological Survey

X - Ernest Henry-Type Cu-Au-Magnetite Deposits in the Proterozoic - Mike Etheridge, Etheridge, Henley & Williams

Y - Olympic Dam-type Fe-Cu-Au-U-LREE Deposits - Murray Hitzman, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Z - Selected Deposit Profiles - Dani Alldrick, David Lefebure and Don MacIntyre, British Columbia Geological Survey


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