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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 2009, Paper 2010-1

Foreword (PDF document, 6.9 MB)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents. 

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Demchuk, T., Fredericks, J., Jones, L. and Rowins, S.:

British Columbia Geological Survey Activities in 2009

(PDF document, 3.5 MB)


Mihalynuk, M.G., Stier, T.J., Jones, M.I. and Johnston, S.T.: 
Stratigraphic and Structural Setting of the Rock and Roll Deposit, Northwestern British Columbia (NTS 104B/11)

(PDF document, 11.2 MB)


Nelson, J.L., Mahoney, J.B., Gehrels, G.E., van Staal, C. and Potter, J.J. 
Geology and Mineral Potential of Porcher Island, Northern Grenville Channel and Vicinity, Northwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 17.7 MB)


Ferbey, T.:
Quaternary Geology and Till Geochemistry of the Nadina River Map Area (NTS 093E/15), West-Central British Columbia

(PDF document, 9.9 MB)


Schiarizza, P. and Massey, N.W.D.:
Geochemistry of Volcanic and Plutonic Rocks of the Sitlika Assemblage, Takla Lake Area, Central British Columbia (NTS 093N/04,05,12,13)

(PDF document, 6 MB)


Paradis, S., Simandl, G.J., Bradford, J., Leslie, C. and Brett, C.: 
Carbonate-Hosted Lead-Zinc Mineralization on the Cariboo Zinc Property, Quesnel Lake Area, East-Central British Columbia (NTS 093A/14E,15W)
(PDF document, 15.8 MB)



Simandl, G.J., Paradis, S., Simandl, L. and Dahrouge, J.: 
Vermiculite in the Blue River Area, East-Central British Columbia, Canada (NTS 083D/06)
(PDF document, 5.6 MB)



Hora, Z.D., Langrova, A., Pivec, E. and Zak, K.:

Niobium-Thorium-Strontium-Rare Earth Element Mineralogy and Preliminary Sulphur Isotope Geochemistry of the Eaglet Property, East-Central British Columbia (NTS 093A/10W)
(PDF document, 1.9 MB)


Soloviev, S.G.: 
Evaluation of 'Reduced' Intrusive-Related Gold Mineralization in the Area West of Cranbrook, Southeastern British Columbia (NTS 082F/08,16)

(PDF document, 7.3 MB)


Massey, N.W.D. and Oliver, S.L.: 
Southern Nicola Project: Granite Creek Area, Southern British Columbia (Parts of NTS 092H/07,10)
(PDF document, 12.5 MB)


Massey, N.W.D., Gabites, J.E., Mortensen, J.K. and Ullrich, T.D.: 
Boundary Project, Geochronology and Geochemistry of Jurassic and Eocene Intrusions, Southern British Columbia (NTS 082E)
(PDF document, 6.5 MB)


Massey, N.W.D.:
Boundary Project: Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks of the Wallace Formation, Beaverdell Area, South-Central British Columbia (NTS 082E/06E,07W,10W,11W)

(PDF document, 5.7 MB)


Oliver, S.L., Hickey, K.A. and Russell, J.K.: 
Redefining the Southern Nicola Group: Petrographic and Structural Characterization of the Eastgate-Whipsaw Metamorphic Belt, Southern British Columbia (NTS 092H/02E).
(PDF document, 10.8 MB)


Mihalynuk, M.G., Logan, J., Friedman, R.M. and Preto, V.A.: 
Age of Mineralization and 'Mine Dykes' at Copper Mountain Alkaline Copper-Gold-Silver Porphyry Deposit (NTS 092H/07), South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 6.9 MB)


Hancock, K.D. and Barlow, N.D.:
British Columbia's Property File: Project Update and a Case Study of an Integrated MapPlace Analysis of a Target Hidden in the Files.
(PDF document, 4.1 MB)


Lett, R.E. and Jackaman, W.:
Preliminary Review of the Effect of Analytical Method Variability on Regional Geochemical Survey Data, British Columbia

(PDF document, 603 KB)


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