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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 2007, Paper 2008-1

Foreword (PDF document, 1084 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents. 

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Diakow, L.J.:
Spences Bridge Bedrock Mapping Project: Preliminary Results from the Merritt Region, south-central British Columbia (parts of NTS 092H/14,15; 092I/02)
(PDF document, 505 Kb)


Enkin, R.J., Vidal, B.S., Baker, J. and Struyk, N.M.:  
Physical Properties and Paleomagnectic Database for south-central British Columbia
(PDF document, 345 Kb)


Hartlaub, R.P. and Paradis, S.:
Evaluation of the Geology and Stratabound Base Metal Potential of the Middle and Upper Purcell Supergroup, south-eastern British Columbia (NTS 082G/03, 04, 05, 06)
(PDF document, 744 Kb)


Hora, Z.D., Langrova, A., and Pivec, E.:
Eaglet Property Revisited: Fluorite-Molybdenite Porphyry-like Hydrothermal System, east-central British Columbia (NTS 093A/10W)
(PDF document, 1.6 Mb)


Hora, Z.D.:
Diatomite Resource Assessment in the Quesnel area, central British Columbia
(PDF document, 730 Kb)



Legun, A.S.:
Thickness Trends of J Seam, and its Split at the Falher D Shoreline Wolverine River area, Peace River Coalfield, north-eastern British Columbia
(PDF document, 852 Kb)


Lett, R.E. and Sandwich, Z.:
Geochemical Orientation Surveys in the Quesnel Terrane between Quesnel and Williams Lake, central British Columbia
(PDF document, 667 Kb)


Lett, R.E., Man, E.C. and Mihalynuk, M.G.:
Towards a Drainage Geochemical Atlas for British Columbia
(PDF document, 610 Kb)


Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Quesnel Terrane, Cottonwood map sheet, central British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


Massey, N.W.D. and Duffy, A.:
Boundary Project: McKinney Creek and Beaverdell areas, south-central British Columbia
(PDF document, 3.1 Mb)


McKeown, M., Nelson, J. and Friedman, R.:
Newly Discovered Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulphide Potential with Paleozoic Volcanic Rocks of the Stikine Assemblage, Terrace area, north-western British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.6 Mb)


Mihalynuk, M.G., Peat, C.R., Terhune, K. and Orovan, E.A.:
Regional Geology and Resource Potential of the Chezacut map area, central British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.2 Mb)


Mihalynuk, M.G., Friedman, R.M. and Ullrich, T.D.:
Geochronolgical Results from Reconnaissance Investigations in the Beetle Infested Zone, south-central British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)


Moynihan, D.P. and Pattison, D.R.M.:
Origin of the Kootenay Lake Metamorphic High, south-eastern British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


Nelson, J., Kyba, J., McKeown, M. and Angen, J.
Terrace Regional Mapping Project, Year 3: Contributions to Stratigraphic, Structural and Exploration Concepts, Zymoetz River to Kitimat River, east-central British Columbia
(PDF document, 4.6 Mb)


Nixon, G.T., Larocque, J., Pals, A., Styan, J., Greene, A.R. and Scoates, J.S.:
High- Mg Lavas in the Karmutsen Flood Basalts, northern Vancouver Island: Stratigraphic Setting and Metallogenic Significance
(PDF document, 1.7 Mb)


Schiarizza, P and Bligh, J.S.:
Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Timothy Lake area, south-central British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)


Simandl, G.J.:
Newly Recognized White Talc-Carbonate Filler Potential of the Greenwood- Bridesville area, British Columbia and Brief Talc Market Review
(PDF document, 376 Kb)


Wojdak, P.J.:
Fireside Deposit: Diagenetic Barite in Strata of the Kechika Group, and Vein Barite Related to Rifting of the Kechika Trough, north-western British Columbia
(PDF document, 636 Kb)


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