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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 2006

Geological Fieldwork 2006, Paper 2007-1

Geoscience BC Report 2007-1

(PDF document, 80 Kb)

Note: Contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.



Alldrick, D.J., MacIntyre, D.G. and Villeneuve, M.E.:  
Geology, Mineral Deposits and Exploration Potential of the Skeena Group (NTS 093E, L, M; 103I), Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 1865 Kb)


Ash, C.H., Reynolds, P.H., Creaser, R.A. and Mihalynuk, M.G.:
40Ar/A39Ar and Re-O Isotopic Ages for Hydrothermal Alteration and Related Mineralization at the Highland Valley Cu-Mo Deposit (NTS 092I), Southwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 1704 Kb)


Demerse, D.K.,  Kennedy, L.A. and Hopkins J.J.:
Pootlass High-Strain Zone near Bella Coola (NTS 093D/02, 07), West-Central British Columbia: Preliminary Observations
(PDF document, 5950 Kb)


Hora, Z.D., Langrova, A. and Pivec, E.:
Rhodonite from the Bridge River Assemblage, Downton Creek (NTS 092J/09), Southwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 2619 Kb)


Jones, L.D., Desjardins, P.J., Hancock, K.D., Wilcox, A.F., de Groot, L. and McArthur, J.G.:  
Update of the British Columbia Geological Survey Geospatial Databases and Applications
(PDF document, 3042 Kb)


Jonnes, S. and Logan, J.M.:  
Bedrock Geology and Mineral Potential of Mouse Mountain (NTS 093G/01), Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 2721 Kb)


Legun, A.S.:  
Mapping and Review of Coal Geology in the Wolverine River Area, Peace River Coalfield (NTS 093P/03), Northeastern British Columbia
(PDF document, 2812 Kb)


Lett, R.E. and Bluemel, B.:  
Multimedia Geochemical Surveys in the Lillooet and McLeod Lake Map Sheets (NTS 092O, 093J), Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 3530Kb)


Lett, R.E., Ferbey, T., Roberts, M. and Bluemel, B.:  
Orientation Geochemical Survey over the Jake Gold Prospect, Clearwater (NTS 092J/09), South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 866 Kb)


Logan, J.M., Mihalynuk M.G., Ullrich, T and Friedman, R.M.:  
U-Pb Ages of Intrusive Rocks and 40Ar/39Ar Plateau Ages of Copper-Gold-Silver Mineralization Associated with Alkaline Intrusive Centres at Mount Polley and the Iron Mask Batholith, Southern and Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 5138 Kb)


Massey, N.W.D.:
Boundary Project: Rock Creek Area (NTS 082E/02W, 03E), Southern British Columbia
(PDF document, 9074 Kb)


Massey, N.W.D.:
Lexington Porphyry Revisited (NTS 082E/02), Southern British Columbia
(PDF document, 2359 Kb)


Mihalynuk, M.G.:
Evaluation of Mineral Inventories and Mineral Exploration Deficit of the Interior Plateau Beetle Infested Zone (BIZ), South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 1066 Kb)


Mihalynuk, M.G.:
Neogene and Quaternary Chilcotin Group Cover Rocks in the Interior Plateau, South-Central British Columbia: A Preliminary 3-D Thickness Model
(PDF document, 1547 Kb)


Nelson, J. and Kennedy, R.:  
Terrace Regional Mapping Project Year 2: New Geological Insights and Exploration Targets (NTS 103I/16S, 10W), West-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 6203 Kb)


Nixon, G.T. and Orr, A.J.: 
Recent Revisions to the Early Mesozoic Stratigraphy of Northern Vancouver Island (NTS 102I; 092L) and Metallogenic Implications, British Columbia
(PDF document, 1425 Kb)


Schiarizza, P. and Macauley, J.: 
Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Hendrix Lake Area (NTS 093A/02), South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 3544 Kb)


Simandl, G.J.: 
Selected Industrial Minerals Trends in British Columbia, 2006
(PDF document, 1052 Kb)


Simmons, A.T., Tosdal, R.M., Awmack, H.J., Wooden, J.L. and Friedman, R.M: 
Early Triassic Stuhini Group and Tertiary Sloko Group Magmatism (NTS 104K/10W), Northwestern British Columbia: New U-Pb Geochronological Results
(PDF document, 2044 Kb)


Report 2007-1


Anglin, C.D.:  
Geoscience BC Program Activities 2006
(PDF document, 69 Kb)


Andrews, G.D.M. and Russell, J.K.:  
Mineral Exploration Potential Beneath the Chilcotin Group (NTS 092O, P; 093A, B, C, F, G, J, K), South-Central British Columbia: Preliminary Insights from Volcanic Facies Analysis
(PDF document, 4528 Kb)


Arehart, G.B., Smith, J.L. and Pinsent, R.:
New Models for Mineral Exploration in British Columbia: Is there a Continuum between Porphyry Molybdenum Deposits and Intrusion-Hosted Gold Deposits?
(PDF document, 1138 Kb)


Best, M.E. and Lakings, J.:
Preliminary Results from a Microseismic Noise Test Utilizing Passive Seismic Transmission Tomography, Nechako Basin (NTS 092O/11, 14), South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 1688 Kb)


Breitsprecher, K.,  Scoates, J.S., Anderson, R.G. and Weis, D.:
Geochemistry of Mesozoic Intrusions, Quesnel and Stikine Terranes (NTS 082; 092; 093), South-Central British Columbia: Preliminary Characterization of Sampled Suites
(PDF document, 2540 Kb)


Chamberlain, C.M., Jackson, M., Jago, C.P., Pass, H.E., Simpson, K.A., Cooke, D.R. and Tosdal, R.M.:
Toward an Integrated Model for Alkalic Porphyry Copper Deposits in British Columbia (NTS 093A, N; 104G)
(PDF document, 4942 Kb)


Gagnon, J.F., Loogman, W., Waldron, J.W.F., Cordey, F. and Evenchick, C.A.:
Stratigraphic Record of Initiation of Sedimentation in the Bowser Basin (NTS 104A, H), Northwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 3044Kb)


Gordee, S., Andrews, G., Simpson, K.A. and Russell J.K.:
Subaqueous Channel-Confined Volcanism within the Chilcotin Group, Bull Canyon Provincial Park (NTS 093B/03), South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 3259 Kb)


Hart, C.J.R. and Goldfarb, R.J.:
Geochronological and Regional Metallogenic Investigations in the Bralorne – Bridge River Mining District (Parts of NTS 092J,I,O,P), Southwestern British Columbia: Project Rationale
(PDF document, 1306 Kb)


Hollis, L., Blevings, S.K., Chamberlain, C.M., Hickey, K.A. and Kennedy, L.A.:
Mineralization, Alteration and Structure of the Tsaeko Lakes Region, Southwestern BC: Preliminary Analysis
(PDF document, 4794 Kb)


Jackaman, W.:
Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation Area (Parts of NTS 082, 092, 093), Central British Columbia: Regional Geochemical Data Repository Project
(PDF document, 1408 Kb)


Jackaman, W. and Balfour, J.S.:
South Nechako Basin and Cariboo Basin Lake Sediment Geochemical Survey (Parts of NTS 092N, O, P; 093A, B), Central British Columbia 
 (PDF document, 1089 Kb)


Kilby, W.E. and Kilby, C.E.:  
ASTER Multispectral Satellite Imagery and Product Coverage, BC – Phase 2
(PDF document, 1267 Kb)


Larocque, J. and Canil, D.:
Ultramafic Rock Occurrences in the Jurassic Bonanza Arc near Port Renfrew, Southern Vancouver Island
(PDF document, 2888 Kb)


Loogman, W., Gagnon, J-F., Waldron, J.W.F. and Evenchick, C.A.:
Structural Overprinting in the Northwestern Skeena Fold Belt (NTS 104B, H), Northwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 4858 Kb)


MacIntyre, D.:
Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Skeena Arch, West-Central British Columbia (Parts of NTS 093E, L, M; 094D; 103I, P): Update on a Geoscience BC Digital Data Compilation Project
(PDF document, 2161 Kb)


Mahoney, J.B., Haggart, J.W., Hooper, R.L., Snyder, L.D.,  Woodsworth, G.J. and Friedman, R.M.:
New Geological Mapping and Implications for Mineralization Potential in the Southern and Western Whitesail Lake Map Area (NTS 093E), Southwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 2853 Kb)


Marshall, D., Street, E., Ullrich, T., Xue, G., Close, S. and Fecova, K.:
Geology and Mineral Potential Update for the Muchalat-Hesquiat Region (NTS 092E, F, K, l), Vancouver Island
(PDF document, 2398 Kb)


McCurdy, M.W., Smith, I.R., Plouffe, A., Bednarski, J., Day, S.J.A., Friske, P.W.B., McNeil, R.J., Kjarsgaard, I.M., Ferbey, T., Levson, V.M., Hickin, A.S., Trommelen, M. and Demchuk, T.E.:
Indicator Mineral Content and Geochemistry of Stream and Glacial Sediments from the Etsho Plateau Region (NTS 094I, P) as an Aid to Kimberlite and Base Metal Exploration, Northeast British Columbia
(PDF document, 3946 Mb)


Miles, W.F., Dumont, R. and Lowe, C.:
Aeromagnetic Survey over the Jennings River Map Area (NTS 104O), Northern British Columbia
(PDF document, 131 Kb)


Miles, W.F., Shives, R.B.K., Carson, J., Buckle, J., Dumont, R. and Coyle, M:
Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometric and Magnetic Surveys over the Bonaparte Lake Area (NTS 092P), South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 208 Kb)


Mustard, P.S. and Mahoney, J.B.:
Stratigraphic Analysis of Cretaceous Strata Flanking the Southern Nechako Basin (Parts of NTS 092M, O; 093B), British Columbia: Constraining Basin Architecture and Reservoir Potential
(PDF document, 1890 Kb)


Ruks, T. and Mortensen, J.K.:  
Geological Setting of Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Occurrences in the Middle Paleozoic Sicker Group of the Southeastern Cowichan Lake Uplift (NTS 092B/13), Southern Vancouver Island
(PDF document, 5395 Kb)


Spratt, J.E., Craven, J., Jones, A.G., Ferri, F. and Riddell, J.:
Utility of Magnetotelluric Data in Unravelling the Stratigraphic-Structural Framework of the Nechako Basin (NTS 092N; 093C, B, G, H), South-Central British Columbia, from a Re-Analysis of 20-Year-Old Data
(PDF document, 4081 Kb)

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