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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 2004

Foreword (PDF document, 96Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.  Cover page separate.

Mapping Page

Alldrick, D.J., Nelson, J.L. and Barresi, T.:
Tracking the Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Upper Iskut River Area: Tracking the Eskay Rift through Northern British Columbia (104G/1,2; 104B/9,10,15,16)
(PDF document, 2.3 Mb)


Barresi, T., Nelson, J.L., Alldrick, D.J. and Dostal, J.:  
Pillow Basalt Ridge Facies: Detailed Mapping of Eskay Creek-Equivalent Stratigraphy in Northwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 1007 Kb)


Barresi, T. and Dostal, J.:
Geochemistry and Petrography of Upper Hazelton Volcanics: VHMS-Favourable Stratigraphy in the Iskut River and Telegraph Creek Map Areas, Northwestern BC
(PDF document, 847 Kb)


Mortensen, J.K., Wojdak, P., MacDonald, R., Gordee, S.M. and Gabites, J.E.:
Regional Studies of VMS Mineralization and Potential within the Early Jurassic Hazelton Group, West-central British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.2 Mb)


Lett, R.E., Friske, P.W.B. and Jackaman, W.:
National Geochemical Reconnaissance Program in Northwestern British Columbia: Bowser Lake Regional Geochemical Survey (104A)
(PDF document, 570 Kb)



Mihalynuk, M.G. and Friedman, R.M.:
Gold and Base Metal Mineralization near Kitsumkalum Lake, North of Terrace, West-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 6.6 Mb)


Canil, D., Mihalynuk, M.G. and Charnell, C.:
Heavy Mineral Sampling and Provenance Studies for Potentially Diamond-Bearing Source Rocks in the Jurassic Laberge Group, Atlin-Nakina Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104N)
(PDF document, 2.9 Mb)


Diakow, L., Nixon, G., Lane, B. and Rhodes, R.:
Toodoggone Geoscience Partnership: Preliminary Bedrock Mapping Results from the Swannell Range: Finlay River–Toodoggone River Area, North-central British Columbia (94E/2, 7)
(PDF document, 4.8 Mb)


Schiarizza, P. and Tan, S.H.:
Geology and Mineral Occurrences of Quesnel Terrane between the Mesilinka River and Wrede Creek, North-central British Columbia (94D/8,9)
PDF document, 3.5 Mb)


MacIntyre, D.G. and Payie, G.:
Geological Setting and Economic Potential of Gold Occurrences in the Kliyul Creek–Solo Lake Area, North-central British Columbia (94D)
(PDF document, 4.2 Mb)


Friedman, F., Gabites, J., and Schiarizza, P.:
U-Pb and K-Ar Isotopic Dates from the Beece Creek–Tatlayoko Lake Area, Southwestern British Columbia (92N/9, 92O/5,6)
(PDF document, 289 Kb)


Johnston S.T. and Pyle, L.:
Aley Carbonatite: A Paleozoic Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) Deposit in North-Central British Columbia?
(PDF document, 1.8 Mb)


Scheel, E., Nixon, G.T., and Scoates, J.S.:
Geology of the Turnagain Alaskan-type Ultramafic Intrusive Suite and Associated Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization, British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.0 Mb)


Hora, Z.D., Langrova, A. and Pivec, E.:
Contribution to the Mineralogy of the Arthur Point Rhodonite Deposit, Southwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 8.9 Mb)


Lett, R.E. and Ronning, C.:
Towards a Rock Geochemical Atlas for BC
(PDF document, 569 Kb)

Rocks to Riches

Deyell, C.L. and Tosdal, R.M.:
Alkalic Cu-Au Deposits of BC: Sulphur Isotope Zonation as a Guide to Mineral Exploration
(PDF document, 1.5 Mb)


Greene, A.R., Scoates, J.S. and Weis, D.:
Wrangellia Terrane on Vancouver Island: Distribution of Flood Basalts with Implications for Potential Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization in Southwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.8 Mb)


Jackaman, W.:
Spatsizi River Stream Sediment and Water Survey, Northwestern British Columbia (104H/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12,13)
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)


Höy T. and Jackaman, W.:
Geology of the Grand Forks Map Sheet, Southeastern British Columbia (82E/1)
(PDF document, 979 Kb)


Kilby, W.E.: Image Analysis Toolbox, BC: Phase 2
(PDF document, 3.6 Mb)


Logan, J.M.:
Alkaline Magmatism and Porphyry Cu-Au Deposits at Galore Cree, Northwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 4.5 Mb)


Logan, J.M. and Mihalynuk, M.G.:
Regional Geology and Setting of the Cariboo, Bell, Springer and Northeast Porphyry Cu-Au Zones at Mount Polley, South-central, British Columbia
(PDF document, 9.9 Mb)


Logan, J.M. and Mihalynuk, M.G.:
Porphyry Cu-Au Deposits of the Iron Mask Batholith, Southeastern British Columbia
(PDF document, 7.1 Mb)


Mahoney, J.B., Hooper, R.L., Gordee, S.M., Haggart, J.W. and Mortensen, J.K.:
Initial Evaluation of Bedrock Geology and Economic Mineralization Potential of Southern Whitesail Lake Area, West-Central British Columbia (93E/2, 3)
(PDF document, 1.5 Mb)


Marshall, D., Close, S., Podstawskyj, N. and Aichmeier, A.:
Gold Mineralization and Geology in the Zeballos Area, Nootka Sound, Southwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.7 Mb)


Gordee, S.M., Mortensen, J.K., Mahoney, J.B. and Hooper, R.L.: Volcanostratigraphy, Lithogeochemistry and U-Pb Geochronology of the Upper Hazelton Group, West-Central BC: Implications for Eskay Creek–Type VMS Mineralization in Southwest Stikinia
(PDF document, 4.0 Mb)


Shives, R.B.K.:
Helicopterborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometric and Magnetic Surveys, Central BC: Status Report
(PDF document, 231 Kb)


Simandl, G.J., Ferbey, T., Levson, V.M., Demchuk, T.E., Smith, I.R. and Kjarsgaard, I.:
Kimberlite Indicator Minerals in the Fort Nelson Area, Northeastern British Columbia
(PDF document, 469 Kb)


Simandl, G.J. and Davis, W.:
Cratonic Basement in Northeastern BC: New U-Pb
(PDF document, 648 Kb)


Simmons, A.T., Tosdal, R.M., Baker, D.E.L., Friedman, R.M. and Ullrich T.D.: Late Cretaceous Volcanoplutonic Arcs in Northwestern BC: Implications for Porphyry and Epithermal Deposits
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


Smyth, C.P.:
Workshops on Multielement and Multisite Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS) Anomalies Meriting Follow-Up Work in British Columbia
(PDF document, 559 Kb)


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