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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 2003

Foreword (PDF document, 246Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.

Mapping Page

Alldrick, D.J., Stewart, M.L., Nelson, J.L. and Simpson, K.A.: 
Tracking the Eskay Rift through Northern British Columbia - Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Upper Iskut River Area (104G/1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10)
 (PDF document, 6.9 Mb)


Canil, D., Mihalynuk, M.G., Mackenzie, J.M, Johnston, S.T., Ferreira, L. and Grant, B.:
Heavy Mineral Sampling of Stream Sediments for Diamond and other Indicator Minerals in the Atlin-Nakina Area (104N, 104K)
(PDF document, 295 Kb)


Diakow, L.J. and Shives, R.B.K.:
Geoscience Partnerships in the Toodoggone River and McConnell Creek Map Areas, North-Central British Columbia (94E/2,3,6, 7,10,11; 094D/8,9,15)
(PDF document, 1.9 Mb)


Laberge, J.D., Pattison, D.R.M. and Simony, P.S.:
Geology of the Granby Fault, an Eocene Extensional Fault in Southeast British Columbia
(PDF document, 10.7 Mb)


Larson, K.P. and Price, R.A.:
Stratigraphy and Structure of the Wild Horse River Area, Southeastern British Columbia
(PDF document, 3.9 Mb)


Mihalynuk, M.G., Ferreira, L., Robertson, S., Devine, F.A.M. and Cordey, F.: Geology and New Mineralization in the Joss'alun Belt, Atlin Area
(PDF document, 7.5 Mb)


Schiarizza, P.:
Geology and Mineral Occurrences of Quesnel Terrane, Kliyul Creek to Johanson Lake (94D/8, 9)
(PDF document, 5.2 Mb)

Economic Geology

Breitsprecher, K. and Mortensen, J.K.:
Digital Compilation of Isotopic Ages for British Columbia: BC Age 2003
(PDF document, 134 Kb)


Logan, J.:
Preliminary Lithogeochemistry and Polymetallic VHMS Mineralization in Early Devonian and(?) Early Carboniferous Volcanic Rocks, Foremore Property
(PDF document, 4.3 Mb)


MacIntyre, D.G. , Massey, N.W.D. and Kilby, W.E.:
The BC Mineral Potential Project - New Level 2 Mineral Resource Assessment Methodology and Results
(PDF document, 2.1 Mb)


Mihalynuk, M.G. and Lett. R.:
Composition of Logtung Beryl (Aquamarine) by ICPES/MS: A Comparison with Beryl Worldwide
(PDF document, 2.4 Mb)


Sack, P. and Mihalynuk, M.G.:
Proximal Gold-Cassiterite Nuggets and Composition of the Feather Creek Placer Gravels: Clues to a Lode Source near Atlin, British Columbia
(PDF document, 11.1 Mb)

Rocks to Riches

Alldrick, D.J., Jackaman, W. and Lett, R.E.W.:
Compilation and Analysis of Regional Geochemical Surveys around the Bowser Basin
(PDF document, 10.7 Mb)


Brown, J.A.:
Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Beryl and Rare-Metal-bearing Granitic Pegmatites in the Kootenay Region of Southeastern British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.6 Mb)


Cathro, M.S., Lane, R.A., Shives, R.B.K. and McCandless, P.M.: Airborne Multisensor Geophysical Surveys in the Central Quesnel Mineral Belt
(PDF document, 2.7 Mb)


Deyell, C.L., Ebert, S. and Tosdal, R.M.:
Sulfur Isotopic Zonation in Alkalic Porphyry Cu-Au Systems: Applications to Mineral Exploration in British Columbia
(PDF document, 115 Kb)


Höy, T., Jackaman, W., Terry, D. and Grant, B.:
St. Mary Map-Sheet, Purcell Supergroup, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/9)
(PDF document, 253 Kb)


Jackaman, W. and Höy, T::
Gold Exploration, Rossland-Nelson Area, Southeastern British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.7 Mb)


Lett, R. and Jackaman, W.:
Iskut River - Telegraph Creek: New Exploration Opportunities in the BC Regional Geochemical Survey Database
(PDF document, 6.3 Mb)


Kilby, W.E., Kliparchuk, K. and McIntosh, A.:
Image Analysis Toolbox and Enhanced Satellite Imagery Integrated into The MapPlace
(PDF document, 5.7 Mb)


Kilby, W.E., Jones, L.D., and Desjardins, P.J.:
MapPlace Client-Mapping Tools
(PDF document, 149 Kb)


Legun, A.:
The Potential For Emeralds in B.C. - A Preliminary Overview
(PDF document, 4.1 Mb)


MacIntyre, D.G., McMillan, R.H. and Villeneuve, M.E.:
The Mid-Cretaceous Rocky Ridge Formation - Important Host Rocks for VMS and Related Deposits in Central BC
(PDF document, 3.6 Mb)


Mortensen, J.K., Gordee, S.M., Mahoney, J.B. and Tosdal, R.M.:
Regional Studies of Eskay Creek-Type and other VMS Mineralization in the Upper Hazelton Group in Stikinia: Preliminary Results
(PDF document, 758 Kb)


Nixon, G.T.:
Platinum-Group-Elements in the Afton Cu-Au Porphyry Deposit, Southern British Columbia
(PDF document, 9.0 Mb)


Simandl, G.:
Diamond Potential in British Columbia - Progress Report
(PDF document, 167 Kb)


Smyth, C.P.:
British Columbia Regional Geochemical Cluster Anomalies and Best Matches to Mineral Deposit Types
(PDF document, 644 Kb)


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