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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 2000

Foreword (PDF document, 310 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.

Mapping Page

P. Schiarizza and S. Israel
Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Nehalliston Plateau, South-central British Columbia (92P/7, 8, 9, 10)
(PDF document, 2.8 Mb)


F. Ferri
Geological Setting of the Frank Creek Massive Sulphide Occurrence Near Cariboo Lake, East-Central British Columbia (93A/11, 14)
(PDF document, 2.6 Mb)


J. Nelson
Geology of North-Central Jennings River Area (104O/14E, 15)
(PDF document, 7.1 Mb)


S. Acton, S. Paradis and S.T. Johnston
Geologic Setting of Paleozoic Strata and Mineral Occurrences in the Mount Tod Region, South-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 469 Kb)


A. Legun
Geology of the Area Between the Sustut Copper Deposit and the Day Porphyry Copper Prospect (94D/7, 10)
(PDF document, 455 Kb)


M.G. Mihalynuk and J. M. Peter
A Hydrothermal Origin for "Crinkle Chert" of the Big Salmon Complex
(PDF document, 372 Kb)

Economic Geology

T. Höy
Sedex and Broken Hill-type Deposits, Northern Monashee Mountains, Southern British Columbia
(PDF document, 23 Mb)


D. Marshall and C.D. Anglin
Soft Sediment Carbonate Vein Networks in the Belt Purcell Rocks of Southeastern British Columbia: A New Mode of Formation
(PDF document, 3.1 Mb)


C. Ash, C. Riveros
Geology of the Gibraltar Copper-Molybdenite Deposit, East-central British Columbia (93B/9)
(PDF document, 9.8 Mb)


G. Ray, I. Webster, K. Ross and R. Hall
Geochemistry of Auriferous Pyrite Mineralization at the Bonanza Ledge, Mosquito Creek Mine and Other Properties in the Wells-Barkerville Area, British Columbia
(PDF document, 18.2 Mb)


K.P.E. Dunne and G.E. Ray
Preliminary Fluid Inclusion Study of Quartz Vein and Massive-banded-stringer Pyrite Mineralization in the Wells-Barkerville Gold Belt, East-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 16 Mb)


G.T. Nixon and B. Carbno
Whiterocks Mountain Alkaline Complex, South-Central British Columbia: Geology and Platinum-Group-Element Mineralization
(PDF document, 37 Mb)


C. Dunn, G. Hall and G.T. Nixon
Orientation Study of Surface Geochemical Methods to Assist in the Exploration for Platinum Group Metals in the Whiterocks Mountain Alkalic Complex, Near Kelowna, British Columbia (82L/4) Soil Geochemistry of the Dobbin Complex?
(PDF document, 8.5 Mb)


J.M. Logan
Prospective Areas for Intrusion-Related Gold-Quartz Veins in Southern British Columbia
(PDF document, 6.6 Mb)


D. MacIntyre
The Mid-Cretaceous Rocky Ridge Formation - A New Target for Subaqueous Hot-Spring Deposits (Eskay Creek-Type) in Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 4.2 Mb)


D.J. Alldrick, R.M. Friedman and F.C. Childe
Age and Geologic History of the Ecstall Greenstone Belt, Northwest British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.9 Mb)


D.J. Alldrick
Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Ecstall Greenstone Belt, Northwest British Columbia (103H, 103I)
(PDF document, 3.5 Mb)


B. Scott:
Geology of the Amber - El Amino Area, Ecstall Metamorphic Belt, British Columbia (103H)
(PDF document, 618 Kb)


R. Pinsent
Mineral Deposits of the Upper Kitsault River Area, British Columbia (103P/W)
(PDF document, 6.0 Mb)

Industrial Minerals and Coal

G. Simandl, J. Simandl and A. Debreceni
British Columbia Hydromagnesite-Magnesite Resources: Potential Flame Retardant Material
(PDF document, 879 Mb)


B. Ryan and M. Dittrick
Selenium in the Mist Mountain Formation of Southeast British Columbia
(PDF document, 520 Kb)


C.G. Cathyl-Bickford
Lithostratigraphy of the Comox and Trent River Formations in the Comox Coalfield, Vancouver Island (92F/7,10,11,14)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


G. Simandl, J. Simandl and P.B. Aylen
Leonardite-type Material at Red Lake Diatomite Deposit, Kamloops Area, British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)

Exploration Services

W. Jackaman, R. Lett and P. Friske
British Columbia Regional Geochemical Survey: 2000 Field Programs
(PDF document, 1.7 Kb)


A. Bichler and P. Bobrowsky
Barkerville Project: Regional Till Geochemistry and Orientation Studies (93H/4,5; 93A/14)
(PDF document, 21 Mb)


T. Ferbey and V. Levson
Quaternary Geology and Till Geochemistry of the Huckleberry Mine Area (93E)
(PDF document, 8.8 Mb)


A. Hickin, E.D. Brooks and P.T. Bobrowsky
Sea-to-Sky Aggregate Potential Mapping Project
(PDF document, 6.8 Mb)


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