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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 1999

Foreword (PDF, 70Kb)

Note: The PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.



D.G. MacIntyre and L.C. Struik
Nechako NATMAP Project, Central British Columbia - 1999 Overview
(PDF document, 332 Kb)


J. Nelson
Ancient Pacific Margin Part I: BCGS Contributions and Collaborative Activities with GSC and Yukon Geology Program
(PDF document, 791 Kb)


J.L. Nelson, M.G. Mihalynuk, D.C. Murphy, M. Colpron, C.F. Roots, J.K. Mortensen and R.M. Friedman
Ancient Pacific Margin Part II: A Preliminary Comparison of Potential VMS-hosting Successions of the Yukon Tanana Terrane, from Finlayson Lake District to Northern British Columbia
(PDF document, 880 Kb)


M.G. Mihalynuk, J.L. Nelson, C.F. Roots, R.M. Friedman and
M. de Keijzer
Ancient Pacific Margin Part III: Regional Geology and Mineralization of the Big Salmon Complex (104N/9E, 16 & 104O/12, 13, 14W)
(PDF document, 4308 Kb)
Colour version
(PDF document, 6737 Kb)


A. Dixon-Warren and A. Hickin
Ancient Pacific Margin Part IV: Surficial Mapping and Till Geochemistry in the Swift River Area, Northwestern British Columbia
(PDF document, 7082 Kb)


S.J. Cook and H.E. Pass
Ancient Pacific Margin Part V: Preliminary Results of Geochemical Studies for VMS Deposits in the Big Salmon Complex, Northern British Columbia (104N/9, 16; 104O/11, 12, 13, 14)
(PDF document, 9454 Kb)


J. Nelson
Ancient Pacific Margin Part VI: Still Heading South: Potential VMS Hosts in the Eastern Dorsey Terrane, Jennings River (104O/1, 7,8,9.10)
(PDF document, 9820 Kb)


F. Ferri
Devono-Mississippian Felsic Volcanism Along the Western Edge of the Cassiar Terrane, North-Central British Columbia (93N, 94C, 94D)
(PDF document, 10 089 Kb)


A.S. Legun
Geology of the Mount McCusker-Robb Lake Area, Northeastern British Columbia (94G/4W)
(PDF document, 6661 Kb)


S. Israel and L. Kennedy
Geology and Mineralization of the Tchaikazan River Area Southwestern British Columbia (92O/4)
(PDF document, 6225 Kb)


L.N. Poznikoff, J.K. Mortensen, R.M. Friedman and J.E. Gabites
Geochronological and Lead Isotopic Constraints on the Age and Origin of the Laidman Gold Prospect, Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 381 Kb)


L.J. Marshall, J.K. Mortensen and J.E. Gabites
Lead Isotope Data From Epigenetic Sulphide Occurrences in the Purcell Supergroup, Southeastern British Columbia, and Implications for Exploration for Sediment-hosted Base Metal Deposits
(PDF document, 660 Kb)


Economic Geology

J.M. Logan
Plutonic-related Gold-quartz Veins in Southern British Columbia
(PDF document, 2514 Kb)


M.S. Cathro and D.V. Lefebure
Several New Plutonic-related Gold, Bismuth and Tungsten Occurrences in Southern British Columbia
(PDF document, 4446 Kb)


R. Lett and W. Jackaman
Geochemical Exploration Techniques for Plutonic-related Gold Deposits in Southern British Columbia (82M/4, 5, 6, 82F/7)
(PDF document, 706 Kb)


D.J. Alldrick
Exploration Significance of the Iskut River Fault
(PDF document, 3210 Kb)


D.J. Alldrick and C.S. Gallagher
Geology and Mineral Potential of the Ecstall VMS Belt (103H, 103I)
(PDF document, 7780 Kb)


G.E. Ray and D.V. Lefebure
A Synopsis of Iron Oxide±Cu±Au±P±REE Deposits of the Candelaria-Kiruna-Olympic Dam Family
(PDF document, 64 Kb)


G.E. Ray and I.C.L. Webster
The Heff Prospect at Heffley Lake, South-Central B.C.: An Unusual Example of a Mafic-Ultramafic-Related Cu-Au-REE-Bearing Magnetite Skarn (92I/NE)
(PDF document, 1103 Kb)


S.L. Bailey, S. Paradis, S.T. Johnston, and T. Höy
Geologic Setting of the Devonian-Mississippian, Rea and Samatosum VMS Deposits of the Eagle Bay Assemblage, Adams Lake Area, South Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 2193 Kb)


T.P. Gleeson, R.M. Friedman and K. Wahl
Stratigraphy, Structure, Geochronology and Provenance of the Logjam Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104O/14W)
(PDF document, 565 Kb)


T. Höy, W.R. Smyth and R.E. Lett
Bull River Copper-Silver-Gold Prospect, Purcell Supergroup, Southeastern British Columbia (82G/NW)
(PDF document, 2027 Kb)


W. Jackaman, S. Cook and R. Lett
B.C. Regional Geochemical Survey: 1999 Field Programs
(PDF document, 242 Kb)


R.H. Pinsent
Mineral Potential of the Northern Coast Belt, Khutze River Area, British Columbia (103H)
(PDF document, 231 Kb)


R.H. Pinsent
Mineral Potential of the Southern Coast Belt, Cape Caution Area, British Columbia (92L, 92M)
(PDF document, 1719 Kb)


R.H. Pinsent
Mineral Potential of the Bella Coola Area, Coast Mountains, British Columbia (93D)
(PDF document, 296 Kb)

Industrial Minerals and Coal

G.J. Simandl, C.P. Riveros and P. Schiarizza
Nephrite (Jade) Deposits, Mount Ogden Area, Central British Columbia (93N/13W)
(PDF document, 793 Kb)


G.J. Simandl, D. Marshall and J. Laird
Gem-quality Cordierite Deposits, Slocan Valley, British Columbia (82F/12E)
(PDF document, 1110 Kb)


B. Ryan and M. Takkinen
In Situ Fracture Porosity and Specific Gravity of Highly Sheared Coals from Southeast British Columbia (82G/7)
(PDF document, 154 Kb)


B. Ryan
A Note on Difficult to Wash Coals from Southeast British Columbia (82G/7)
(PDF document, 691 Kb)


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