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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 1998

Foreword (PDF document, 434 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.

Regional Mapping

D.G. MacIntyre and L.C. Struik:
Nechako NATMAP Project, Central British Columbia, 1998 Overview
(PDF document, 891 Kb)

Victor M. Levson, David Mate and Andrew J. Stuart:
Quaternary Geology and Drift Prospecting Studies in the North Central Nechako Plateau (93F and K)
(PDF document, 1125 Kb)

David J. Mate and Victor M. Levson:
Quaternary Geology of the Marilla Map Sheet (NTS 93F/12)
(PDF document, 469 Kb)

Paul Schiarizza and Don MacIntyre:
Geology of the Babine Lake - Takla Lake Area, Central British Columbia (93K/11, 12, 13, 14; 93N/3, 4, 5, 6)
(PDF document, 3646 Kb)

Filippo Ferri, Trygve Höy and Richard M. Friedman:
Description, U-Pb age and Tectonic Setting of the Quesnel Lake Gneiss, East-central British Columbia
(PDF document, 1750 Kb)

JoAnne Nelson, Janet E. Gabites and Suzanne Paradis:
New Galena Lead Isotopic Data from Carbonate Rocks in Northeastern B.C. - Implications for Regional MVT Fluid Migration
(PDF document, 886 Kb)

JoAnne L. Nelson, Suzanne Paradis and Willem Zantvoort:
The Robb Lake Carbonate-hosted Lead-Zinc Deposit, Northeastern British Columbia: A Cordilleran MVT Deposit
(PDF document, 2919 Kb)

Chris Rogers, and Jacques Houle:
Geological Setting of the Kemess South Au-Cu Porphyry Deposit and Local Geology between Kemess Creek and Bicknell Lake (NTS 94E/2)
(PDF document, 1583 Kb)

A.S. Legun:
Geology of the Mount McCusker Area, Northeastern British Columbia (94G/4W)
(PDF document, 1130 Kb)

M.G. Mihalynuk, P. Erdmer, E.D. Ghent, D. Archibald, R.M. Friedman, F. Cordey, G.G. Johannson, and J. Beanish:
Age Constraints for Emplacement of the Northern Cache Creek Terrane and Implications of Blueschist Metamorphism
(PDF document, 2087 Kb)

JoAnne Nelson:
Devono-Mississippian VMS project: Continuing Studies in the Dorsey Terrane, Northern British Columbia
(PDF document, 2996 Kb)

I.C.L. Webster, P.J. Desjardins and W.E. Kilby:
The Digital Terrain Map Library: An Explorationist's Resource
(PDF document, 811 Kb)

Economic Geology

David V. Lefebure, Derek A. Brown and Gerald E. Ray:
The British Columbia Sediment-Hosted Gold Project
(PDF document, 1143 Kb)

Derek A. Brown and Robert Cameron:
Sediment-Hosted, Disseminated Gold Deposits Related to Alkalic Intrusions in the Howell Creek Structure, Southeastern British Columbia (82G/2, 7)
(PDF document, 2869 Kb)

B.N. Church and L.D. Jones:
Metallogeny of the Beaton - Camborne Mining Camp, Lardeau District (82K/12 & 13)
(PDF document, 2597 Kb)

Trygve Höy:
Massive Sulphide Deposits of the Eagle Bay Assemblage, Adams Plateau, South-central British Columbia (82M/3, 4)
(PDF document, 5566 Kb)

Barry Ryan, Ross Leeder, John T. Price and John F. Gransden:
The Effect of Coal Preparation on the Quality of Clean Coal and Coke
(PDF document, 587 Kb)

Industrial Minerals

Peter T. Bobrowsky, Alex Matheson, Roger Paulen and Nick Massey:
Aggregate Potential Project for the Nanaimo Area, Vancouver Island (NTS 92B, C, F and G)
(PDF document, 1668 Kb)

G.J. Simandl, S. Paradis, L.J. Diakow, P.J. Wojdak, and A.J. Hartley:
Precious Opal in the Whitesail Range, West-central British Columbia, Canada (NTS 93E/10W and 93E/11E)
(PDF document, 564 Kb)


R.E. Lett, W. Jackaman and A. Yeow:
Detailed Geochemical Exploration Techniques for Base and Precious Metals in the Kootenay Terrane (82L/13, 82L/14, 82M/4, 82M/5, 92P/1)
(PDF document, 1201 Kb)

Roger C. Paulen, Peter T. Bobrowsky, Ray E. Lett, Ahren J. Bichler, and Candice Wingerter:
Till geochemistry in the Kootenay, Slide Mountain and Quesnel Terranes
(PDF document, 607 Kb)

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