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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 1996

Foreword (PDF document, 282 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.

Regional Mapping Page

D.A. Brown, C. Lowe, R.B.K. Shives and M.E. Best:
East Kootenay Geophysical Survey, Southeastern British Columbia (82F, G, K): Sullivan - North Star Area
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)


J.M. Logan:
U-PB Ages from the Selkirk Allochthon, Seymour Arm Map Area, Southeast British Columbia (82M/8 and 9)
(PDF document, 707 Kb)


J.M. Logan and C. Rees:
Northern Selkirk Project, Geology of the Laforme Creek Area (82M/1)
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


D.G. MacIntyre and L.C. Struik:
Nechako Natmap Project - 1996 Overview
(PDF document, 670 Kb)


D.G. MacIntyre, I.C.L. Webster and M. Villeneuve:
Babine Porphyry Belt Project: Bedrock Geology of the Old Fort Mountain Area (92M/1), British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.3 Mb)


F.C. Childe and P. Schiarizza:
U-PB Geochronology, Geochemistry and ND Isotopic Systematics of the Sitlika Assemblage, Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 809 Kb)


P. Schiarizza and G. Payie:
Geology of the Sitlika Assemblage in the Kenny Creek - Mount Olson Area (93N/12, 13), Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.3 Mb)


L.J. Diakow and P. Metcalfe:
Geology of the Swannell Ranges in the Vicinity of the Kemess Copper-Gold Porphyry Deposit, Attycelley Creek (94E/2), Toodoggone River Map Area
(PDF document, 1.6 Mb)


F.C. Childe, R.M. Friedman, J.K. Mortensen and J.F.H. Thompson:
Evidence for Early Triassic Felsic Magmatism in the Ashcroft (92I) Map Area, British Columbia
(PDF document, 656 Kb)


F. Ferri, C. Rees, J. Nelson and A. Legun:
Geology of the Northern Kechika Trough (94L/14, 15; 94M/3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13; 104P/8, 9, 15, 16)
(PDF document, 2.4 Mb)


J. Nelson:
Last Seen Heading South: Extensions of the Yukon-Tanana Terrane into Northern British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


M.G. Mihalynuk and F. Cordey:
Potential for Kutcho Creek Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Mineralization in the Northern Cache Creek Terrane: A Progress Report
(PDF document, 1.5 Mb)


M.G. Mihalynuk, J.E. Gabites, M.J. Orchard and E.T. Tozer:
Age of the Willison Bay Pluton and Overlying Sediments: Implications for the Carnian Stage Boundary
(PDF document, 649 Kb)

Economic Geology

J. Nelson, S. Sibbick, T. Hoy, P. Bobrowsky and M. Cathro:
The Paleozoic Massive Sulphide Project: An Investigation of Yukon-Tanana Correlatives in British Columbia
(PDF document, 289 Kb)


A. Legun:
Sub-Basin Recognition in the Purcell Anticlinorium
(PDF document, 894 Kb)


T. Höy:
Harper Creek: A Volcanogenic Sulphide Deposit within the Eagle Bay Assemblage, Kootenay Terrane, Southern British Columbia (82M/12)
(PDF document, 866 Kb)


B.N. Church:
Age of Mineralization, City of Paris Veins, Greenwood Area (92E/2E)
(PDF document, 325 Kb)


B.N. Church, J. Dostal and V. Gale:
Age of a Basalt Dike, Sustut Copper Deposit (94D/10E)
(PDF document, 311 Kb)


R.M. Friedman and S. Jordan:
U-Pb Ages for Intrusive Rocks at the Huckleberry Porphyry Copper Deposit, Tahtsa Lake District, Whitesail Lake Map Area, West-Central British Columbia (93L)
(PDF document, 571 Kb)


R.M. Friedman and A. Panteleyev:
U-Pb Age of Mineralized Feldspar Porphyry Sills at the Louise Lake Cu-Mo-Au-As Deposit, Smithers Map Area, West-Central British Columbia (93L)
(PDF document, 413 Kb)


G.E. Ray, I.C.L. Webster, S.B. Ballantyne, C.E. Kilby and S.B. Cornelius:
Geology and Mineral Chemistry of Tin-Bearing Skarns Related to the Surprise Lake Batholith, Atlin, Northern British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


A. Panteleyev, D. Broughton and D.V. Lefebure:
The Taurus Project, A Bulk Tonnage Gold Prospect Near Cassiar, British Columbia, (104P/5)
(PDF document, 997 Kb)


E.C. Grunsky:
Mineral Resource Estimation: The Mineral Potential Project: An Evaluation of Estimator Responses for Selected Mineral Deposit Types for the Province
(PDF document, 955 Kb)


C.H. Ash, R.W.J. MacDonald and R.M. Friedman:
Stratigraphy of the Tatogga Lake Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104H/12 & 13, 104G/9 & 16)
(PDF document, 663 Kb)


R.M. Friedman and C.H. Ash:
U-Pb Age of Intrusions Related to Porphyry Cu-Au Mineralization in the Tatogga Lake Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104H/12NW, 104G/9NE)
(PDF document, 544 Kb)

Industrial Minerals and Coal

Z.D. Hora and, K.D. Hancock:
Some New Dimension Stone Properties in British Columbia, Part III
(PDF document, 568 Kb)


D.T.A. Symons, M.T. Lewchuk, G.J. Simandl and D.F. Sangster:
Paleomagnetism of the Mount Brussilof Magnesite Deposit and its Cambrian Host Rocks, Southeastern British Columbia (82J/11, 12, 13)
(PDF document, 846 Kb)


Z.D. Hora and K.D. Hancock:
A New Sodalite Occurrence: Mount Mather Creek, British Columbia (82N/10W)
(PDF document, 320 Kb)


G.J. Simandl, K.D. Hancock, B. Callaghan, S. Paradis and R. Yorke-Hardy:
Klinker Precious Opal Deposit, South Central British Columbia, Canada - Field Observations and Potential Deposit-Scale Controls
(PDF document, 670 Kb)


B.N. Church and Z.D. Hora:
New Splitstone and Opal Occurrences, Nipple Mountain, Beaverdell Area
(PDF document, 377 Kb)


A. Legun:
Amber in British Columbia
(PDF document, 574  Kb)


G.J. Simandl, K.D. Hancock, E. Lambert, P. Hudon, J. Martignole and W.W. Osborne:
The Empress Cu-Au-Mo Deposit - Gemstone and Industrial Minerals Potential
(PDF document, 647 Kb)


A. Matheson, D. MacDougall, P.T. Bobrowsky:
Okanagan Aggregate Potential Project
(PDF document, 590 Kb)


B.D. Ryan:
Coalbed Methane in the Comox Formation Tsable River Area, Vancouver Island
(PDF document, 1.0 Mb)


B.D. Ryan:
Coal Rank Variations in the Cabinet Creek Area, Telkwa Coalfield, Central British Columbia (93L/11)
(PDF document, 682 Kb)


B.D. Ryan:
Coal Quality Variations in the Gething Formation Northeast British Columbia (93O, J, I)
(PDF document, 2.2 Mb)

Environmental Geology and Geochemistry

S. Cook, W. Jackaman, R. Lett and S. Sibbick:
Regional Geochemical Survey Program: Review of 1996 Activities
(PDF document, 365 Kb)


A. Dixon-Warren, P.T. Bobrowsky, E.R. Leboe and A. Ledwon:
Eagle Bay Project: Surficial Geology of the Adams Plateau (82M/4) and North Barriere Lake (92M/5) Map Areas
(PDF document, 711 Kb)


P.T. Bobrowsky, E.R. Leboe, A. Dixon-Warren and A. Ledwon:
Eagle Bay Project: Till Geochemistry of the Adams Plateau (82M/4) and North Barriere Lake (92M/5) Map Areas
(PDF document, 797 Kb)


S. J. Sibbick, J.L. Runnells and R.E.W. Lett:
Eagle Bay Project: Regional Hydrogeochemical Survey and Geochemical Orientation Studies (82M/4 and 5)
(PDF document, 282 Kb)


V.M. Levson, A.J. Stumpf, D.G. Meldrum, E.K. O'Brien and B.E. Broster:
Quaternary Geology and Ice Flow History of the Babine Copper Porphyry Belt, British Columbia (93L/NE, 93M/SE)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


A.J. Stumpf, B.E. Broster and V.M. Levson: 
Evaluating the Use of Till Geochemistry to Define Burried Mineral Targets - A Case Study from the Bell Mine Property (93L/16, 93M/1), West-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)


V.M. Levson, D.G. Meldrum, S.J. Cook, A.L. Stumpf, E.K. O'Brien, C. Churchill, A.M. Coneys and B.E. Broster:
Till Geochemical Studies in the Babine Porphyry Belt: Regional Surveys and Deposit-Scale Studies (93L/16; 93M/1, 2, 7, 8)
(PDF document, 912 Kb)


P.A. Monahan and V.M. Levson:
Earthquake Hazard Assessment in Greater Victoria, British Columbia:
Development of a Shear-Wave Velocity Model for the Quaternary Deposits

(92B/6 & 11)
(PDF document, 1.2 Kb)


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