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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 1995

Foreword (PDF document, 213 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.

Nechako - Natmap Project Page

W.J. McMillan and L.C. Struik:
NATMAP: Nechako Project, Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 492 Kb)


D.G. MacIntyre, I.C.L. Webster and K.A. Bellefontaine:
Babine Porphyry Belt Project: Bedrock Geology of the Fulton Lake Map Area, British Columbia (93L/16)
(PDF document, 2.5 Mb)


A.J. Stumpf, D.H. Huntley, B.E. Broster and V.M. Levson:
Babine Porphyry Belt Project: Detailed Drift Exploration Studies in the Old Fort Mountain (93M/1) and Fulton Lake (93L/16) Map Areas, British Columbia
(PDF document, 677 Kb)


D.H. Huntley, A. Stumpf, V.M. Levson and B.E. Broster:
Babine Porphyry Belt Project: Quaternary Geology and Regional Till Geochemistry Sampling in the Old Fort Mountain (93M/1) and Fulton Lake (93L/16) Map Areas, British Columbia
(PDF document, 696 Kb)


Northern Vancouver Island Project

A. Panteleyev, P.T. Bobrowsky, G.T. Nixon and S.J. Sibbick:
Northern Vancouver Island Integrated Project
(PDF document, 251 Kb)


A. Panteleyev, S.J. Sibbick and V.M. Koyanagi:
Natural Acidic Drainage In Northern Vancouver Island - Its Place In Geo-environmental Ore Deposit Models
(PDF document, 532 Kb)

Interior Plateau Project

L.J. Diakow, S.J. Cook, R.A. Lane, V.M. Levson and T.G. Schroeter:
Summary of the Interior Plateau Program: Activities by the British Columbia Geological Survey in the Southern Nechako Plateau (Parts of 93F, C, K)
(PDF document, 769 Kb)


P. Schiarizza:
Tatlayoko Project Update (92N/8, 9; 92O/5, 6,12)
(PDF document, 1.5 Mb)

Mapping and Mineral Deposits

C.H.B. Leitch:
Preliminary Petrographic, Geochemical and Fluid Inclusion Studies of the Fors Deposit, Southeastern British Columbia (82G/5W)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


J.M. Logan, M. Colpron and B.J. Johnson:
Northern Selkirk Project, Geology of the Downie Creek Map Area (82M/8)
(PDF document, 2.1Mb)


G.D. Stanley and J.L. Nelson:
New Investigations on Eaglenest Mountain, Northern Quesnel Terrane: An Upper Triassic Reef Facies in the Takla Group, Central British Columbia (93N/11E)
(PDF document, 989 Kb)


F. Ferri, C. Rees and J.L. Nelson:
Geology and Mineralization of the Gataga Mountain Area, Northern Rocky Mountains (94L/10, 11, 14 and 15)
(PDF document, 2.0 Mb)


C.H. Ash, P.K. Stinson and R.W.J. MacDonald:
Geology of the Todagin Plateau and Kinaskan Lake Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104H/12, 104G/9)
(PDF document, 2.1 Kb)


M.G. Mihalynuk, W.J. McMillan, J.K. Mortensen, F.C. Childe and M.J. Orchard:
Age of Host Strata Versus Mineralization at Ericksen-Ashby: A Skarn Deposit
(PDF document, 396 Kb)

Environmental Geology and Geochemical Surveys

W. Jackaman, S. Cook, R. Lett, S. Sibbick and P. Matysek:
1995 Regional Geochemical Survey Program: Review of Activities
(PDF document, 235 Kb)


P. Matysek and W. Jackaman:
B.C. Regional Geochemical Survey Anomaly Recognition, an Example Using Catchment Basin Analysis (103I, 103J)
(PDF document, 737 Kb)


V.M. Levson, P.A. Monahan, D.G. Meldrum, P.F. Matysek, R.F. Gerath, B.D. Watts, A. Sy and  L. Yan:
Surficial Geology and Earthquake Hazard Mapping, Chilliwack, British Columbia (92G/1 & H/4)
(PDF document, 998 Kb)

Industrial Minerals and Coal

P.B. Read:
Industrial Mineral Potential of the Tertiary Rocks, Vernon and Adjacent Map Areas (82L)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


G.J. Simandl and B.N. Church:
Clearcut Pyroxmangite/Rhodonite Occurrence, Greenwood Area, Southern British Columbia (82E/2)
(PDF document, 319 Kb)


G.J. Simandl, B.N. Church, and W. Hodgson:
"Perlite" from Terrace Mountain, Vernon Area: Possible Industrial Applications
(PDF document, 372 Kb)


G.E. Ray and C.E. Kilby:
The Geology and Geochemistry of the Mineral Hill-Wormy Lake Wollastonite Skarns, Southern British Columbia (92G/12W)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


B.J. Jaworski and G.M. Dipple:
Zippa Mountain Wollastonite Skarns, Iskut River Map Area (104B/11)
(PDF document, 647 Kb)


K.D. Hancock and G.J. Simandl:
Kyanite at Prince Rupert and Kitimat (103H, J)
(PDF document, 656 Kb)


B.D. Ryan:
Controls on Coal Washing Difficulty
(PDF document, 1.0 Mb)


B.D. Ryan:
Lignite Occurrences on the Coal River, Northern British Columbia (94M/10)
(PDF document, 378 Kb)


B.D. Ryan and D.A. Grieve:
Source and Distribution of Phosphorus in British Columbia Coal Seams
(PDF document, 1.8 Mb)


P. Bobrowsky, N. Massey, A. Matheson and P.F. Matysek:
British Columbia Aggregate Inventory Project
(PDF document, 222 Kb)


Mineral Potential Project

W.E. Kilby:
Mineral Potential Assessment Projects - An Update
(PDF document, 841 Kb)


E.C. Grunsky and W.E. Kilby:
Mineral Resource Estimation: An Evaluation of Responses from Northeast British Columbia
(PDF document, 555 Kb)


External Publications

External Publications by B.C. Geological Survey Branch Staff
(PDF document, 273 Kb)


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