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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 1994

Foreword (PDF document, 212 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents. 

Northern Vancouver Island Project Page

G.T. Nixon, J.L. Hammack, G.J. Payie, L.D. Snyder, D.A. Archibald and D.J. Barron:
Quatsino - San Josef Map Area, Northern Vancouver Island: Geological Overview (92L/12W, 102I/8, 9)
(PDF document, 1.5 Mb)


P.T. Bobrowsky, M. Best, C.E. Dunn, D.H. Huntley, C. Lowe, M.C. Roberts, D.A. Seemann and S.J. Sibbick:
Integrated Drift Exploration Studies on Northern Vancouver Island (92L)
(PDF document, 695 Kb)


D.H. Huntley and P.T. Bobrowsky:
Surficial Geology and Drift Exploration: Mahatta Creek Map Area (92L/5)
(PDF document, 988 Kb)


D.A. Archibald and G.T. Nixon:
40Ar/39Ar Geochronometry of Igneous Rocks in the Quatsino - Port McNeill Map Area, Northern Vancouver Island (92L/12, 11)
(PDF document, 745 Kb)


A. Panteleyev, P.H. Reynolds and V.M. Koyanagi:
40Ar/39Ar Ages of Hydrothermal Minerals in Acid Sulphate-Altered Bonanza Volcanics, Northern Vancouver Island (92L/12)
(PDF document, 264 Kb)


S.J. Sibbick and K.A. Laurus:
Investigation of a Natural Acid Rock Drainage and an Anomalous Mercury-Bearing Stream, Northern Vancouver Island (92L/12, 102I/9)
(PDF document, 250 Kb)

Southeastern British Columbia Project

T. Höy, D.L. Pighin and P.W. Ransom:
Volcanism in the Middle Aldridge Formation, Purcell Supergroup, Southeastern British Columbia
(PDF document, 812 Kb)


T. Höy and D.L. Pighin:
Vine - A Middle Proterozoic Massive Sulphide Vein, Purcell Supergroup, Southeastern British Columbia (92G/5W)
(PDF document, 964 Kb)


J.M. Britton and D.L. Pighin:
Fors - A Proterozoic Sedimentary Exhalative Base Metal Deposit, Purcell Supergroup, Southeastern British Columbia (82G/5W)
(PDF document, 1.0 Mb)


D.A. Brown and P. Stinson:
Geological Mapping of the Yahk Map Area, Southeastern British Columbia: An Update (82F/1)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


P. Stinson and D.A. Brown:
Iron Range Deposits, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/1)
(PDF document, 694 Kb)


D.A. Brown, T.P. Doughty and P. Stinson:
Preliminary Geology of the Creston Map Area, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/2)
(PDF document, 1.8 Mb)


D.A. Brown and P. Klewchuk:
The Wilds Creek (Leg) Zinc-Lead-Barite Deposit, Southeastern British Columbia:
Preliminary Ideas (82F/2)

(PDF document, 739 Kb)

Interior Plateau Project

B.R. Brown, S.J. Cook, L.J. Diakow, T.R. Giles, W. Jackaman, R.A. Lane, V. M. Levson, P.F. Matysek, T.G. Schroeter and I.C.L. Webster:
Geoscience Studies in the Interior Plateau Region: British Columbia Geological Survey 1994-95 Activities
(PDF document, 278 Kb)


L.J. Diakow, I.C.L. Webster, J.A. Whittles and T.A. Richards: Stratigraphic Highlights of Bedrock Mapping in the Southern Nechako Plateau, Northern Interior Plateau Region (93F/2 and 7)
(PDF document, 431 Kb)


R.A. Lane and T.G. Schroeter:
Mineral Occurrence Investigations and Exploration Monitoring in the Nechako Plateau (93F/2, 3, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 93C/9, 16)
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


S.J. Cook and M.E. Luscombe:
Update on 1994 Lake Sediment Geochemistry Studies in the Northern Interior Plateau, Central British Columbia (93F)
(PDF document, 327 Kb)


T.R. Giles, V.M. Levson and G.F. Weary:
Surficial Geology and Drift Exploration Studies in the Tsacha Lake and Chedakuz Creek Areas (93F/2, 7) Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 561 Kb)


E.K. O'Brien, B.E. Broster, T.R. Giles and V.M. Levson:
Till Geochemical Sampling: Ch, Blackwater-Davidson and Uduk Lake Properties, British Columbia: Report of Activities
(PDF document, 332 Kb)

Mapping and Mineral Deposits

J.M. Logan and M. Colpron:
Northern Selkirk Project - Geology of the Goldstream River Map Area (82M/9 and parts of 82M/10)
(PDF document, 2.2 Mb)


B.D. Ryan:
Calcite in Coal from the Quinsam Mine, British Columbia, Canada; Its Origin, Distribution and Effects on Coal Utilization (93F/13, 14)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


J. Nelson, S. Paradis and R. Farmer:
Geology of the Driftpile Stratiform, Sediment-Hosted Ba-Zn-Pb Deposit, Northern British Columbia (94K/4)
(PDF document, 473 Kb)


R.E. Lett and W. Jackaman:
Application of Spring-Water Chemistry to Exploration in the Driftpile Creek Area, Northeastern British Columbia (94K/4, 94L/1)
(PDF document, 486 Kb)


F. Ferri, J. Nelson and C. Rees:
Geology and Mineralization of the Gataga River Area, Northern Rocky Mountains (94L/7, 8, 9 and 10)
(PDF document, 2.0 Mb)


P. Schiarizza, D.M. Melville, J. Riddell, B.K. Jennings, P.J. Umhoefer and M.J. Robinson:
Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Tatlayoko Lake Map Area (92N/8, 9 and 10)
(PDF document, 2.7 Mb)


M.G. Mihalynuk, D. Meldrum, S. Sears and G. Johannson:
Geology and Mineralization of the Stuhini Creek Area (104K/11)
(PDF document, 2.3 Mb)


C.H. Ash, T.M. Fraser, J.D. Blanchflower and B.G. Thurston:
Tatogga Lake Project, Northwestern British Columbia (104H/11, 12)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


P.T. Bobrowsky, C.E. Kilby, G. Manson and P.F. Matysek:
British Columbia Aggregate Inventory Project
(PDF document, 256 Kb)


Z.D. Hora and K.D. Hancock:
Some New Dimension Stone Properties in British Columbia II
(PDF document, 374 Kb)


G.E. Ray and I.C.L. Webster:
The Geochemistry of Mineralized Skarns in British Columbia
(PDF document, 483 Kb)


G.J. Simandl, K.D. Hancock, B.N. Church and G.J. Woodsworth:
Andalusite in British Columbia - New Exploration Targets
(PDF document, 822 Kb)


Z.D. Hora and K.D. Hancock:
Quesnel Area - Industrial Minerals Assessment
(PDF document, 900 Kb)


Z.D. Hora and K.D. Hancock:
Nazko Cinder Cone and a New Perlite Occurrence
(PDF document, 328 Kb)

Mineral Potential Project

W.E. Kilby:
Mineral Potential Project - Overview
(PDF document, 423 Kb)


E.C. Grunsky:
Grade and Tonnage Data for British Columbia Mineral Deposit Models
(PDF document, 413 Kb)


B.N. Church:
Mineral Potential of the Okanagan-Similkameen-Boundary Area (82E, 82L/SE, SW, 92H/SE, NE)
(PDF document, 628 Kb)


N.W.D. Massey:
The Vancouver Island Mineral Potential Project (92B, C, E, F, G, K, L and 102I)
(PDF document, 624 Kb)


K.A. Bellefontaine and D.J. Alldrick:
Highlights of the Mid-Coast Mineral Potential Project (92F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, 93D, 102P, 103A)
(PDF document, 670 Kb)


D.G. MacIntyre, C.H. Ash, J.B. Britton, W. Kilby and E. Grunsky:
Mineral Potential Assessment of the Skeena-Nass Area (93E, L, M, 94D, 103G, H, I, J, P, 104A, B)
(PDF document, 706 Kb


D.V. Lefebure, D.J. Alldrick, G.J. Simandl and G. Ray:
British Columbia Mineral Deposit Profiles
(PDF document, 789 Kb)


D.V. Lefebure:
Two Intriguing Mineral Deposit Profiles for British Columbia
(PDF document, 570 Kb)

Mineral Deposit Research Unit
The University of British Columbia

S.D. McKinley, J.F.H. Thompson and T.J. Barrett:
Volcanic Stratigraphy and Lithogeochemistry of the Seneca Prospect, Southwestern British Columbia (92H/5W)
(PDF document, 995 Kb)


R.W.J. MacDonald, T.J. Barrett and R.L. Sherlock:
Geological Investigations of the Hidden Creek Deposit, Anyox, West-Central British Columbia (103P/5)
(PDF document, 497 Kb)


F. Childe and M.G. Mihalynuk:
U-Pb Geochronology of the Mount Stapler Quartz Monzonite: Evidence for Early Jurassic Magmatism in the Tulsequah Glacier Area, Northwest British Columbia (104K/13)
(PDF document, 850 Kb)


C.F.B. Sebert, K.M. Curtis, T.J. Barrett and R.L. Sherlock: 
Geology of the Tulsequah Chief Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposit, Northwestern British Columbia(104K/12)
(PDF document, 583 Kb)


R.G. Carmichael, R.L. Sherlock and T.J. Barrett:
The Geology of the Big Bull Polymetallic Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposit, Northwestern British Columbia (104K/12)
(PDF document, 611 Kb)

External Publications and University Research

External Publications by B.C. Geological Survey Branch Staff
(PDF document, 142 Kb)


University Research in British Columbia
(PDF document,  119 Kb)


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