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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 1993

Foreword (PDF document, 137 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.

Interior Plateau Project Page

P.F. Matysek and P. van der Heyden:
1993-1994 Update: Interior Plateau Program
(PDF document, 398 Kb)


L.J. Diakow and I.C.L. Webster:
Geology of the Fawnie Creek Map Area (93F/3)
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


T.R. Giles and V.M. Levson:
Surficial Geology and Drift Exploration Studies in the Fawnie Creek Area (93F/3)
(PDF document, 1.7 Mb)


S.J. Cook and W. Jackaman:
Regional Lake Sediment and Water Geochemistry Surveys in the Northern Interior Plateau, B. C. (93F/2, 3, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14)
(PDF document, 413 Kb)


T.G. Schroeter and R.A. Lane: 
Mineral Resources: Interior Plateau Project (93F/3 and parts of 93F/2, 6 & 7)
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)

Vancouver Island Project

A. Panteleyev, P.T. Bobrowsky, G.T. Nixon and S.J. Sibbick:
Northern Vancouver Island Integrated Project
(PDF document, 320 Kb)


G.T. Nixon, J.L. Hammock, V.M. Koyanagi, G.J. Payie, A. Panteleyev, N.W.D. Massey, J.V. Hamilton and J.W. Haggart:
Preliminary Geology of the Quatsino - Port McNeill Map Areas, Northern Vancouver Island (92L/12, 11)
(PDF document, 1.9 Mb)


P.T. Bobrowsky and D. Meldrum:
Preliminary Drift Exploration Studies, Northern Vancouver Island (92L/6, 11)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


A. Panteleyev and V.M. Koyanagi:
Advanced Argillic Alteration in Bonanza Volcanic Rocks, Northern Vancouver Island - Lithologic and Permeability Controls
(PDF document, 719 Kb)


S.J. Sibbick:
Preliminary Report on the Application of Catchment Basin Analysis to Regional Geochemical Survey Data, Northern Vancouver Island (92L/3, 4, 5 and 6)
(PDF document, 344 Kb)


V.M. Koyanagi and A. Panteleyev:
Natural Acid Rock-Drainage in the Red Dog/Hushamu/Pemberton Hills Area, Northern Vancouver Island (92L/12)
(PDF document, 443 Kb)

Regional Geology

D.A. Brown, J.A. Bradford, D.M. Melville, A.S. Legun, and D. Anderson:
Geology and Mineral Deposits of Purcell Supergroup in Yahk Map Area, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/1)
(PDF document, 1.8 Mb)


J.M. Logan and J.R. Drobe:
Summary of Activities North Selkirk Project Goldstream River and Downie Creek Map Areas (82M/8, 9 and Parts of 10)
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)


M.G. Mihalynuk, M.T. Smith, K.D. Hancock and S. Dudka:
Regional and Economic Geology of the Tulsequah River and Glacier Areas (104K/12, & 13)
(PDF document, 2.2 Mb)

Applied Geochemistry and Surficial Geology

W. Jackaman:
B.C. Regional Geochemical Survey Program: Highlights from the 1993 Release (104M)
(PDF document, 454 Kb)


B. Bhagwanani and R.E. Lett:
The Sequential Extraction of Copper, Silver, Molybdenum, Iron and Manganese from Geochemical Standards and Selected Samples
(PDF document, 407 Kb)


B.D. Ryan and M.F. Dawson:
Coalbed Methane Desorption Results from the Quinsam Coal Mine and Coalbed Methane Resource of the Quinsam Coalfield, British Columbia (92F/13, 14)
(PDF document, 634 Kb)


B.D. Ryan and M.F. Dawson:
Potential Coal and Coalbed Methane Resource of the Telkwa Coalfield, Central British Columbia (93L/11)
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


B.D. Ryan and M.F. Dawson:
Coalbed Methane Canister Desorption Techniques
(PDF document, 764 Kb)

Porphry Deposits - MDRU

T.M. Fraser:
Hydrothermal Breccias and Associated Alteration of the Mount Polley Copper-Gold Deposit (93A/12)
(PDF document, 538 Kb)


C.R. Stanley, J.R. Lang and L.D. Snyder:
Geology and Mineralization in the Northern Part of the Iron Mask Batholith, Kamloops, British Columbia (92I/9,10)
(PDF document, 415 Kb)


C.R. Stanley:
Geology of the Pothook Alkalic Copper-Gold Porphyry Deposit, Afton Mining Camp, British Columbia (92I/9,10)
(PDF document, 578 Kb)


J.R. Lang:
Geology of the Crescent Alkalic Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposit, Afton Mining Camp, British Columbia (92I/9)
(PDF document, 573 Kb)


L.D. Snyder and J.K. Russell:
Petrology and Stratigraphic Setting of the Kamloops Lake Picritic Basalts, Quesnellia Terrane, South-Central British Columbia (92I/9, 15 and 16)
(PDF document, 674 Kb)


B.A. Lueck and J.K. Russell:
Silica-Undersaturated, Zoned, Alkaline Intrusions within the British Columbia Cordillera
(PDF document, 241 Kb)

VMS Deposits - MDRU

M. Robinson, C.I. Godwin and S.J. Juras:
Major Lithologies of the Battle Zone, Buttle Lake Camp, Central Vancouver Island (92F/12E)
(PDF document, 2.2 Mb)


T.J. Barrett, R.L. Sherlock, S.J. Juras, G.C. Wilson, R. Allen:
Geological Investigations of the H-W Deposit, Buttle Lake Camp, Central Vancouver Island (92F/12E)
(PDF document, 375 Kb)


S. McKinley, J.F.H. Thompson, T.J. Barrett, R. Sherlock, R. Allen, C. Burge:
Geology of the Seneca Property, Southeastern British Columbia (92H/5W)
(PDF document, 343 Kb)


R.W.J. MacDonald, T.J. Barrett, R.L. Sherlock, R.L. Chase, P. Lewis and D.J. Alldrick:
Geological Investigations of the Hidden Creek Deposit, Anyox, Northwestern British Columbia (103/P5)
(PDF document, 403 Kb)


R.L. Sherlock, T.J. Barrett, T. Roth, E. Childe, J.F.H. Thompson, D. Kuran, H. Marsden and R. Allen:
Geological Investigations of the 21B Deposit, Eskay Creek, Northwestern British Columbia (104B/9W)
(PDF document, 444 Kb)


A.W. Kaip and D. Gaunt:
Geology and Alteration Zonation of the Hank Property, Northwestern British Columbia (104G/l, 2)
(PDF document, 436 Kb)


R.L. Sherlock, R. Childe, T.J. Barrett, J. Mortensen, P.D. Lewis, T. Chandler, P. McGuigan, G.L. Dawson and R. Allen:
Geological Investigations of the Tulsequah Chief Massive Sulphide Deposit, Northwestern British Columbia (104K/12)
(PDF document, 431 Kb)

External Publications and University Research

External Publications by B.C. Geological Survey Branch Staff
(PDF document, 144 Kb)


University Research in British Columbia
(PDF document, 78 Kb)


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