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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 1991

Foreword (PDF document, 223 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.

Regional Geology Page

K.P.E. Dunne and T. Höy:
Petrology of Pre to Syntectonic Early and Middle Jurassic Intrusions in the Rossland Group, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/SW)
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


A.I. Welbon and R.A. Price:
Stratigraphic Dating of Fault Systems of the Central Hughes Range, Southeast British Columbia (82G/12)
(PDF document, 395 Kb)


M.J. Warren and R.A. Price:
Tectonic Significance of Stratigraphic and Structural Contracts Between the Purcell Anticlinorium and the Kootenay Arc, East of Duncan Lake (82K): Preliminary Results
(PDF document, 668 Kb)


O.J. Ijewliw:
Petrology of the Golden Cluster Lamprophyres in Southeastern British Columbia (82N)
(PDF document, 679 Kb)


H.R. Schmitt and V.M. Koyanagi:
Cascade Recreation Area, Preliminary Geology and Mineral Potential
(92H/2, 3, 6, 7)
(PDF document, 1.5 Mb)


J. Pell, J.L. Hammack, B. Fletcher and W.D. Harris:
Kakwa Recreation Area: Northeastern British Columbia Geology and Resource Potential (93H/15, 16, 93I/1, 2)
(PDF document, 1.9 Mb)


J. Pell and J.L. Hammack:
Triassic Fossil Fish from the Sulphur Mountain Formation Kakwa Recreation Area, Northeastern British Columbia (93I/1)
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


R.G. Gaba, P.J. Desjardins and D.G. MacIntyre:
Mineral Potential Investigations in the Babine Mountains Recreation Area, Parts of (93L/14E, 15W and 93M/2W)
(PDF document, 532 Kb)


J. Nelson, K. Bellefontaine, C. Rees and M. MacLean:
Regional Geological Mapping in the Nation Lakes Area (93N/2E, 7E)
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


P.J. Wynne, E. Irving and F. Ferri:
Paleo-magnetism of the Middle Cretaceous Germansen Batholith, British Columbia (93N/9, 10)
(PDF document, 459 Kb)


F. Ferri, S. Dudka and C. Rees:
Geology of the Uslika Lake Area, Northern Quesnel Trough, British Columbia (94C/3, 4, 6)
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


G. Zhang and A. Hynes:
Structures Along Finlay-Ingenika Fault, McConnell Creek Area, North-Central British Columbia (94C/5; 94D/8,9)
(PDF document, 762 Kb)


H.C. Palmer and W.D. MacDonald:
Paleomagnetism and Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility of the Toodoggone Formation, British Columbia (94E)
(PDF document, 289 Kb)


J.M. Logan, J.R. Drobe and D.C. Elsby:
Geology of the More Creek Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104G/2)
(PDF document, 1.5 Mb)


D.A. Brown, F.E.L. Harvey-Kelly, I. Neill and J. Timmerman:
Geology of the Chutine River - Tahltan Lake Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104G/12W, 13)
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


D.C. Elsby:
Structure, Ductile Thrusting and Mineralization within the Paleozoic Stikine Assemblage, South Forrest Kerr Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104B/10, 15)
(PDF document, 841 Kb)


W.C. McClelland:
Paleozoic Stikine Assemblage in the Iskut River and Chutine River Regions, Northwestern British Columbia (104B/11, 12; 104F/9, 16)
(PDF document, 333 Kb)


T.A. Vandall, D.A. Brown and P.M. Wheadon:
Paleomagnetism of Toarcian Hazelton Group Volcanic Rocks in the Yehiniko Lake Area (104G/11, 12): a Preliminary Report
(PDF document, 557 Kb)


M.G. Mihalynuk and M.T. Smith:
Highlights of 1991 Mapping in the Atlin-West Map Area (104N/12)
(PDF document, 573 Kb)

Economic Geology

A. Panteleyev:
Copper-Gold-Silver Deposits Transitional Between Subvolcanic Porphyry and Epithermal Environments
(PDF document, 295 Kb)


I.C.L. Webster, G.E. Ray and A.R. Pettipas:
An Investigation of Selected Mineralized Skarns in British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.4 M Kb)


C.H. Ash, R.W.J. MacDonald and R.L. Arksey:
Towards a Deposit Model for Ophiolite Related Mesothermal Gold in British Columbia
(PDF document,


T. Höy, K.P.E. Dunne and D. Wehrle:
Tectonic and Stratigraphic Controls of Gold-Copper Mineralization in the Rossland Camp, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/4)
(PDF document, 883 Kb)


E.S. Schandl and M. P. Gorton:
Rare-Earth Element Geochemistry of Selected Samples from the Sullivan Pb-Zn Sedex Deposit: The Role of Allanite in Mobilizing Rare-Earth Elements in the Chlorite-Rich Footwall (82G/12)
(PDF document, 571 Kb)


C.T. Hood, A.J. Sinclair and C.H.B. Leitch:
Silver-Bearing Minerals of the Silver Queen (Nadina) Mine, Owen Lake, West-Central British Columbia (93L)
(PDF document, 428 Kb)


M.L. Thomson and A.J. Sinclair:
Fluid Inclusion Study of Vein Minerals from the Silver Queen Mine, Central British Columbia (93L/2)
(PDF document, 498 Kb)


B.N. Church:
The Lexington Porphyry, Greenwood Mining Camp, Southern British Columbia: Geochronology (82E/2E)
(PDF document, 172 Kb)

Applied Geochemistry and Surficial Geology

J.W. Page:
Stream-Sediment Petrography Using the Coarse Fraction of Stream Sediments
(PDF document, 482 Kb)


W. Jackaman, P.F. Matysek and S.J. Cook:
The Regional Geochemical Survey Program: Summary of Activities
(PDF document, 733 Kb)


Z. Hou and W.K. Fletcher:
Distribution and Morphological Characteristics of Visible Gold in Harris Creek (82L/2)
(PDF document, 325 Kb)


P.T. Bobrowsky and J.J. Clague:
Neotectonic Investigations on Vancouver Island (92B, F)
(PDF document, 481 Kb)


J.R. Goff and S.R. Hicock:
An Evaluation of the Potential Aggregate Resources for Sooke Land District, B. C. (92B/5)
(PDF document, 591 Kb)


D.E. Kerr and S.J. Sibbick:
Preliminary Results of Drift Exploration Studies in the Quatsino (92L/12) and Mount Milligan (93N/lE, 93O/4W) Areas
(PDF document, 573 Kb)


S.J. Sibbick, C.M. Rebagliati, D.J. Copeland and R.E. Lett:
Soil Geochemistry of the Kemess South Porphyry Gold-Copper Deposit (94E/2E)
(PDF document, 678 Kb)


P.T. Bobrowsky and C.P. Smith:
Quaternary Studies in the Peace River District, 1990: Stratigraphy, Mass Movements and Glaciation Limits (94P)
(PDF document, 1.1Mb)


V.M. Levson:
Quaternary Geology of the Atlin Area (104N/11W, 12E)
(PDF document, 1.9 Mb)

Coal and Industrial Minerals

B.D. Ryan:
An Equation for Estimation of Maximum Coalbed Methane Resource Potential
(PDF document, 231 Kb)


D.A. Grieve:  
Relationships Between Coal Quality Parameters in British Columbia Coals

(PDF document, 462 Kb)


M.E. Holuszko:
Washability of Peace River and East Kootenay Coals
(PDF document, 616 Kb)


C.G. Cathyl-Bickford:
Geology and Energy Resource Potential of the Tsable River and Denman Island (92F/10, 11)
(PDF document, 411 Kb)


A. Matheson:
Subsurface Thermal Coal Sampling Survey, Merritt Coal Deposits, South-Central British Columbia (92I/2)
(PDF document, 449 Kb)


P.C. Jahans:
Pine Valley Mapping and Compilation Project (93O/9, 10; 93P/12)
(PDF document, 618 Kb)


J.M. Cunningham and B. Sprecher:
Peace River Coalfield Digital Mapping Program (93O/8, 15)
(PDF document, 534 Kb)


B.D. Ryan:
Coal Rank Variations in the Telkwa Coalfield, Central British Columbia (93L/11)
(PDF document, 680 Kb)


G.J. Simandl and K.D. Hancock:
Geology of Dolomite-Hosted Magnesite Deposits of the Brisco and Driftwood Creek Areas, British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)

Computer Applications

K. Kliparchuk and P. von Gaza:
Detection and Mapping of Regional-Scale Linements Using NOAA AVHRR Satellite Imagery
(PDF document, 588 Kb)


E.C. Grunsky, D.G. MacIntyre and T.A. Richards:
Resource Assessment Using a Geographical Information System: A Pilot Study in the Smithers Area
(PDF document, 328 Kb)

MDRU Research Programs

A.J. Macdonald, P. van der Heyden, D.V. Lefebure and D.J. Alldrick:
Geochronometry of the Iskut River Area - An Update (104A and B)
(PDF document, 425 Kb)


S. Roach and A.J. MacDonald:
Silver-Gold Vein Mineralization, West Zone, Brucejack Lake, Northwestern British Columbia (104B/8E)
(PDF document, 542 Kb)


D.J. Bridge and C.I. Godwin:
Preliminary Geology of the Kerr Copper-(Gold) Deposit, Northwestern British Columbia (104B/8)
(PDF document, 273 Kb)


R.D. Bartsch:
Eskay Creek Area, Stratigraphy Update
(PDF document, 237 Kb)


P.D. Lewis:
Structural Geology of the Prout Plateau Region, Iskut River Map Area, British Columbia (104B/9)
(PDF document, 591 Kb)


T. Roth and C.I. Godwin:
Preliminary Geology of the 21A Zone, Eskay Creek, British Columbia (104B/9W)
(PDF document, 281 Kb)


A.D. Ettlinger:
Hydrothermal Alteration and Brecciation Underlying the Eskay Creek Polymetallic Massive Sulphide Deposit (104B/9W)
(PDF document, 830 Kb)


J.F.H. Thompson and P.D. Lewis:
Advanced Argillic Alteration at Treaty Glacier, Northwestern British Columbia (104B/9)
(PDF document, 451 Kb)


D.A. Rhys and C.I. Godwin:
Preliminary Structural Interpretation of the Snip Mine (104B/11)
(PDF document, 440 Kb)

External Publications and University Research

Selected Recent External Publications by B.C. Geological Survey Staff
(PDF document, 235 Kb)


University Research in British Columbia & BC Geological Survey Photo
(PDF document, 311 Kb)


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