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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 1989

Whole Report, High Res. (PDF, 107MB)

Foreword (PDF document, 289 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.


Regional and District Mapping

Trygve Höy and Kathryn P.E. Andrew:
Structure and Tectonic Setting of the Rossland Group, Mount Kelly - Hellroaring Creek Area, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/3W)
(PDF document, 420 Kb)


Kathryn P.E. Andrew, Trygve Höy and John Drobe:
Stratigraphy and Tectonic Setting of the Archibald and Elise Formations, Rossland Group, Beaver Creek Area, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/4E)
(PDF document, 659 Kb)


G.P. McLaren, G.G. Stewart and R.A. Lane:
Geology and Mineral Potential of the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy (82F/16; 82K1, 8)
(PDF document, 772 Kb)


J.M. Riddell:
Preliminary Report on the Lillooet Lake Mapping Project, Southwestern British Columbia (92J/1, 2, 7)
(PDF document, 664 Kb)


D.A. Archibald, P. Schiarizza and J.I. Garver:


40 Ar /39Ar Dating and the Timing of Deformation and Metamorphism in the Bridge River  

Terrane, Southwestern British Columbia (92O/2; 92J/15)
(PDF document, 457 Kb)


P. Schiarizza, R.G. Gaba, M. Coleman, J.I. Garver and J.K. Glover:
Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Yalakom River Area
(92O/1, 2, 92J/15, 16)
(PDF document, 4.7 Mb)


John M. Moore and Aaron R. Pettipas:
Geology of the Swakum Mountain Area, Southern Intermontane Belt (92I/7)
(PDF document, 439 Kb)


D.G. Bailey and D.A. Archihald:
Age of the Bootjack Stock, Quesnel Terrane, South-Central British Columbia (93A)
(PDF document, 234 Kb)


L.J. Diakow:
Geology of Nanika Lake Map Area (93E/13)
(PDF document, 522 Kb)


P. Desjardins, D.G. MacIntyre, J. Hunt, L. Lyons and S. Pattenden:
Geology of the Thautil River Map Area (93L/6)
(PDF document, 639 Kb)


Filippo Ferri and David M. Melville:
Geology Between Nina Lake and Otilinka River, North-Central British Columbia (93N/15, 94C/2)
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


J.M. Britton, B.A. Fletcher and D.J. Alldrick:
Snippaker Map Area (l04B/6E, 7W, 10W, 11E)
(PDF document, 794 Kb)


J.M. Logan, V.M. Koyanagi and J.R. Drobe:
Geology of the Forrest Kerr Creek Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104B/15)
(PDF document, 904 Kb)


Derek A. Brown and Charles J. Greig:
Geology of the Stikine River – Yehiniko Lake Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104G/11W and 12E)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


M.H. Gunning:
Stratigraphy of the Stikine Assemblage, Scud River Area, Northwest British Columbia (104G/5, 6)
(PDF document, 607 Kb)


Jim L. Oliver and C. Jay Hodgson:
Geology and Mineralization, Tatsamenie Lake District, Northwestern British Columbia (104/K)
(PDF document, 821 Kb)


Jay L. Jackson, George E. Gehrels and P. Jonathan Patchett:
Geologic and Isotopic Analysis of the Nisling - Northern Stikine Terrane Boundary Near Atlin, British Columbia (104M/8)
(PDF document, 400 Kb)


M.G. Mihalynuk and K.J. Mountjoy:
Geology of the Tagish Lake Area (104M/8, 9E)
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)


Lisel D. Currie:
Metamorphic Rocks in the Florence Range, Coast Mountains, Northwestern British Columbia (104M/8)
(PDF document, 588 Kb)


Mary Anne Bloodgood and Kim A. Bellefontaine:
The Geology of the Atlin Area (Dixie Lake and Teresa Island) (104N/6 and parts of 104N/5 and 12)
(PDF document, 908 Kb)


JoAnne Nelson:
The Blue Dome Fault: The Evolution of Transform Structure into a Thrust Fault in the Sylvester Allochthon, Cassiar Mountain, British Columbia (l04O/9, 16; 104P/12, 13)
(PDF document, 548 Kb)


David S. O’Hanley:
The Structural Geology of the Mount McDame Area, North-Central British Columbia (104/P)
(PDF document, 552 Kb)


JoAnne L. Nelson:
Evidence for a Cryptic Intrusion Beneath the Erickson-Taurus Gold-Quartz Vein System, Near Cassiar, B. C (104P/4, 5)
(PDF document, 510 Kb)


Mineral Deposit Studies

G.E. Ray, A.D. Ettlinger and L.D. Meinert:
Gold Skarns: Their Distribution, Characteristics and Problems in Classification
(PDF document, 703 Kb)


Robert Hardy:
Preliminary Report of Research in the Sheep Creek Camp, Salmo, British Columbia (82F/3, 6)
(PDF document, 189 Kb)


G. Beaudoin and D.F. Sangster:
Preliminary Report on the Silvana Mine and Other Ag-Pb-Zn Vein Deposits, Northern Kokanee Range, British Columbia (82F, 82K)
(PDF document, 415 Kb)


I.C.L. Webster and G.E. Ray:
Geology and Mineral Deposits of Northern Texada Island (92F/9, 10 and 15)
(PDF document, 763 Kb)


Colin I. Godwin, Anne D.R. Pickering, John Bradford, Gerry E. Ray and
I.C.L. Webster:
Interpretation of Galena Lead Isotopes from Texada Island (92F)
(PDF document, 250 Kb)


G.L. Dawson, C.I. Godwin, G.E. Ray, J. Hammack and D. Bordin:
Geology of the Good Hope - French Mine Area, South-Central British Columbia (92H/8)
(PDF document, 500 Kb)


Robert G. Gaba:
Stockwork Molybdenite in the Mission Ridge Pluton: A New Exploration Target in the Bridge River Mining Camp (92J/16)
(PDF document, 513 Kb)


Craig H. B. Leitch, Christopher T. Hood, Xiao-lin Cheng and Alastair J. Sinclair:
Geology of the Silver Queen Mine Area, Owen Lake, Central British Columbia (93L)
(PDF document, 709 Kb)


A.A.D. Halleran and J.K. Russell:
Geology and Descriptive Petrology of the Mount Bisson Alkaline Complex, Munroe Creek, British Columbia (93N/9E, 93O/12W, 5W)
(PDF document, 440 Kb)


Henry Marsden and John M. Moore:
Stratigraphic and Structural Setting of the Shasta Ag-Au Deposit (94E)
(PDF document, 653 Kb)


Peter Thiersch and A.E. Williams-Jones:
Paragenesis and Ore Controls of the Shasta Ag-Au Deposit, Toodoggone River Area, British Columbia (94E)
(PDF document, 536 Kb)


Dean McDonald:
Temperature and Composition of Fluids in the Base Metal Rich Silbak Premier Ag-Au Deposit, Stewart, BC (104B/1)
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


Kirk D. Hancock:
Geology of Nickel Mountain and the E&L Nickel-Copper Prospect (104B/10E)
(PDF document, 320 Kb)


Mary E. MacLean:
Geology of the Colagh Prospect, Unuk Map Area (104B/10E)
(PDF document, 202 Kb)


JoAnne Nelson, Z.D. Hora and Flew Harvey Kelly:
A New Rhodonite Occurrence in the Cassiar Area, Northern British Columbia (104P/5)
(PDF document, 327 Kb)


Mafic-Ultramafic Rock Studies

G.T. Nixon:
Geology and Precious Metal Potential of Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks in British Columbia: Current Progress
(PDF document, 389 Kb)


C.H. Ash and R.L. Arksey:
The Listwanite - Lode Gold Association in British Columbia
(PDF document, 473 Kb)


C.H. Ash and R.L. Arksey:
The Atlin Ultramafic Allochthon: Ophiolitic Basement within the Cache Creek Terrane; Tectonic and Metallogenic Significance (104N/12)
(PDF document, 936 Kb)


T.J. Calon, J.G. Malpas and R. McDonald:
The Anatomy of the Shulaps Ophiolite
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


G.T. Nixon, J.L. Hammack, J.N. Connelly, G. Case and W.P.E. Paterson:
Geology and Noble Metal Geochemistry of the Polaris Ultramafic Complex, North-Central British Columbia  (94C/5, 12)
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)


J.L. Hammack, G.T. Nixon, R.H. Wong and W.P.E. Paterson:
Geology and Noble Metal Geochemistry of the Wrede Creek Ultramafic Complex, North-Central British Columbia (94D/9)
(PDF document, 858 Kb)


G.T. Nixon, J.L. Hammack and W.P.E. Paterson:
Geology and Noble Metal Geochemistry of the Johanson Lake Mafic-Ultramafic Complex, North-Central British Columbia (94D/9)
(PDF document, 644 Kb)


Coal Studies

B.G. Van Den Bussche and D.A. Grieve:
Phosphorus in British Columbia Coking Coals
(PDF document, 227 Kb)


Corilane G.C. Bickford, Georgia Hoffman and Candace Kenyon:
Geological Investigations in the Coal Measures of the Oyster River, Mount Washington and Cumberland Areas, Vancouver Island (92F/10, 11, 14)
(PDF document, 400 Kb)


Alex Matheson:
Subsurface Coal Sampling Survey, Quinsam Area, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (92F)
(PDF document, 337 Kb)


Alex Matheson and Brad Ven Den Bussche:
Subsurface Coal Sampling Survey, Telkwa Area, Central British Columbia (93L/11)
(PDF document, 283 Kb)


R.J. Palsgrove and R.M. Bustin:
Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Lower Skeena Group, Telkwa Coalfield, Central British Columbia (93L/11)
(PDF document, 382 Kb)


W.E. Kilby and D.J. Hunter:
Tumbler Ridge, Northeast British Columbia (93P/2, 3, 4; 93I/14, 15)
(PDF document, 284 Kb)


M.N. Lamberson, R.M. Bustin, W. Kalkreuth and K.C. Pratt:
Lithotype Characteristics and Variation in Selected Coal Seams of the Gates Formation, Northeastern British Columbia (93P/3)
(PDF document, 633 Kb)


Barry Ryan:
Preliminary Survey of the Coal Resources of Upper Cretaceous Rocks, Northeastern British Columbia (93, 94)
(PDF document,


H.O. Cookenboo and R.M. Bustin:
Stratigraphy of Coal Occurrences in the Bowser Basin
(PDF document, 279 Kb)


Industrial Minerals Studies

G.V. White:
Perlite and Vermiculite Occurrences in British Columbia
(PDF document, 373 Kb)


Virginia Marcille-Kerslake:
Sedimentary Phosphates in the Fernie Basin: Development of New Technology for Direct Application to Soils (82G and 82J)
(PDF document, 300 Kb)


M.L. Malott:
Four Marl Deposits Within the Skeena River Drainage (103I/16W, 103P/lW, 93M/5E)
(PDF document, 439 Kb)


Applied Geochemistry

John L. Gravel, Wayne Jackaman and Paul F. Matysek:
1989 Regional Geochemical Survey, Southern Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland (92B, 92C, 92F & 92G)
(PDF document, 513 Kb)


Stephen J. Cook and W.K. Fletcher:
Preliminary Report on the Distribution and Dispersion of Platinum in the Soils of the Tulameen Ultramafic Complex, Southern British Columbia (92H/10)
(PDF document, 388 Kb)


V.M. Levson, T.R. Giles, P.T. Bobrowsky and P.F. Matysek:
Geology of Placer Deposits in the Cariboo Mining District, British Columbia; Implications for Exploration (93A, B, G, H)
(PDF document, 1.0 Mb)


G.E. Rouse, K.A. Lesack and B.L. Hughes:
Palynological Dating of Sediments Associated with Placer Gold Deposits in the Barkerville – Quesnel – Prince George Region, South Central British Columbia (93C)
(PDF document, 431 Kb)


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