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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review
Geological Fieldwork 1988
Whole Document, High Res. (PDF, 115MB)

Foreword (PDF document, 313 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.


Regional and District Mapping

James T. Fyles:
Geology of the Pre-Tertiary Rocks in the Rock Creek-Greenwood Area (82E/2)
(PDF document, 554 Kb)


Urs Mäder, Peter Lewis and J.K. Russell:
Geology and Structure of the Kobau Group between Oliver and Cawston, British Columbia; With Notes on Some Auriferous Quartz Veins (82E/4E)
(PDF document, 474 Kb)


Myra Keep and J.K. Russell:
The Geology of the Averill Plutonic Complex, Grand Forks, British Columbia (82E/9W)
(PDF document, 347 Kb)


Trygve Höy and Kathryn Andrew:
The Rossland Group. Nelson Map Area, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/6)
(PDF document, 860 Kb)


R.A. Burwash and P.A. Wagner:
Sm/Nd Geochronology of the Moyie Intrusions, Moyie Lake Map Area, British Columbia (82G/5)
(PDF document, 255 Kb)


B.J. Johnson:
Geology of the West Margin of the Shuswap Terrane near Sicamous: Implications for Tertiary Extensional Tectonics (82L, M)
(PDF document, 451 Kb)


Robert J. Scammell and John M. Dixon:
Stratigraphy along the North Flank of Frenchman Cap Dome, South Omineca Belt, British Columbia (82M/10, l5)
(PDF document, 472 Kb)


N.W.D. Massey and S.J. Friday:
Geology of the Alberni-Nanaimo Lakes Area, Vancouver Island (92F/1W, 92F/2E and part of 92F/7)
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


Anne Andrew and Colin I. Godwin:
Galena Lead Isotope Model for Vancouver Island
(PDF document, 340 Kb)


J.E. Muller:
Tertiary Low-Angle Faulting and Related Gold and Copper Mineralization on Mount Washington, Vancouver Island (92F/11, l4)
(PDF document, 990 Kb)


John M. Moore:
Geology along the Lithoprobe Transect between the Guichon Creek Batholith and Okanagan Lake (92I/1, 2, 7, 8: 82L/3, 4, 5, 6)
(PDF document, 504 Kb)


Meg Coleman:
Geology of Mission Ridge, Near Lillooet, British Columbia (92I, J)
(PDF document, 491 Kb)


B.N. Church and A.R. Pettipas:
Research and Exploration in the Bridge River Mining Camp (92J/15, l6)
(PDF document, 739 Kb)


P. Schiarizza, R.G. Gaba, J.K. Glover and J.I. Garver:
Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Tyqhton Creek Area (92O/2, 92J/15, l6)
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


John I. Garver, P. Schiarizza and R.G. Gaba:
Stratigraphy and Structure of the Eldorado Mountain Area, Chilcotin Ranges, Southwestern British Columbia (92O/2; 92J/15)
(PDF document, 1.5 Mb)


D.A. Archibald, J.K. Glover and P. Schiarizza:
Preliminary Report on 40Ar/39 Ar Geochronology of the Warner Pass, Noaxe Creek and Bridge River Map Area (92O/3, 2; 92J16)
(PDF document, 546 Kb)


G.P. McLaren and J.N. Rouse:
Geology and Mineral Occurrences in the Vicinity of Taseko Lakes (92O/3, 4, 5, 6)
(PDF document, 480 Kb)


Andre Panteleyev and Kirk D. Hancock:
Quesnel Mineral Belt: Summary of the Geology of the Beaver Creek- Horsefly River Map Area
(PDF document, 539  Kb)


D.G. Bailey:
Geology of the Central Quesnel Belt, Swift River, South-Central British Columbia (93B/16, 93A/12, 93G/1)
(PDF document, 435 Kb)


J. Lu:
Geology of the Cantin Creek Area, Quesnel River (93B/16)
(PDF document, 543 Kb)


L.J. Diakow and J. Drobe:
Geology and Mineral Occurrences in North Newcombe Lake Map Sheet (93E/14)
(PDF document, 467 Kb)


G.E. Rouse and W.H. Mathews:
Palynology of Subsurface Cenozoic Sediments and Pyroclastic Rocks Southwest of Vanderhoof, British Columbia (93F/10, l6)
(PDF document, 322 Kb)


D.G. Maclntyre, P. Desjardins and P. Tercier:
Jurassic Stratigraphic Relationships in the Babine and Elkwa Ranges (93L/10, 11, 14, 15)
(PDF document, 936 Kb)


Filippo Ferri and David M. Melville:
Geology of the Germansen Landing Area, British Columbia (93N/10, 15)
(PDF document, 834 Kb)


K. Bellefontaine:
Tectonic Evolution of Upper Proterozoic lngenika Group, North-Central British Columbia (94C/12)
(PDF document, 479 Kb)


K. Minehan:
Takla Group Volcano-sedimentary Rocks North-Central British Columbia:
A Summary of Fieldwork (94D/9)
(PDF document, 634 Kb)


D.J. Alldrick:
Volcanic Centres in the Stewart Complex (l03P and l04A, B)
(PDF document, 649 Kb)


J.M. Britton, I.C.L. Webster and D.J. Alldrick:
Unuk Map Area (l04B/7E, SW, 9W, 10E)
(PDF document, 821 Kb)


Derek A. Brown and Michael H. Gunning:
Geology of the Scud River Area, North-Western British Columbia (l04G/5, 6)
(PDF document, 1.4 Mb)


J.M. Logan and V.M. Koyanagi:
Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Galore Creek Area, Northwestern British Columbia (l04G/3, 4)
(PDF document, 1.3M b)


Jeffrey A. Fillipone and John V. Ross:
Stratigraphy and Structure in the Twin Glacier – Hoodoo Mountain Area, Northwestern British Columbia (l04B/14)
(PDF document, 711 Kb)


M.G. Mihalynuk, L.D. Curie and R.L. Arksey:
The Geology of the Tagish lake Area (Fantail Lake and Warm Creek) (l04M/10W)
(PDF document, 1.6 Mb)


M.A. Bloodgood, C.J. Rees and D.V. Lefebure:
Geology and Mineralization of the Atlin Area, Northwestern British Columbia (l04N/11W and l2E)
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


JoAnne L. Nelson and John A. Bradford:
Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Cassiar and McDame Map Areas, British Columbia (l04P/3, 5)
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)


Tekla A. Harms:
Geology of the Northeast Needlepoint Mountain and Erickson Mine Areas, Northern British Columbia (l04P/4)
(PDF document, 491 Kb)


H.E. Plint and P. Erdmer:
Structure and Metamorphism in the Horseranch Range, North-Central British Columbia (l04P/2, 7, 10)
(PDF document, 454 Kb)


Mineral Deposit Studies

R.E. Meyers and W.A. Taylor:
Metallogenic Studies of Lode Gold-Silver Occurrences in South-Central British Columbia, a Progress Report (82E, 82L)
(PDF document, 892 Kb)


C.H.B. Leitch, C.I. Godwin, T.H. Brown, B.E. Taylor and W.C. Cornell:
Characteristics of Mineralizing Fluids in the Bralorne-Pioneer Mesothermal Gold Vein Deposit: Results of a Fluid Inclusion, Stable Isotope, and Thermodynamic Study (92J/15W)
(PDF document, 958 Kb)


Nicholas Eyles and Stephen P. Kocsis:
Sedimentological Controls on Gold Distribution in Pleistocene Placer Deposits of the Cariboo Mining District, British Columbia
(PDF document, 699 Kb)


John Knight and K.C. McTaggart:
Composition of Gold from Southwestern British Columbia: A Progress Report
(PDF document, 461 Kb)


Henry Marsden and John M. Moore:
Stratigraphic and Structural Setting of the Shasta Silver-Gold Deposit, North-Central British Columbia (94E)
(PDF document, 919 Kb)


James R. Clark and A.E. Williams-Jones:
New K-Ar Isotopic Ages of Epithermal Alteration from the Toodoggone River Area, British Columbia (94E)
(PDF document, 277 Kb)


Colin I. Godwin, Janet E. Gahites and T.G. Schroeter:
Galena Lead Isotopes of the Toodoggone Epithermal Gold Camp, North-Central British Columbia (94E)
(PDF document, 168 Kb)


Jennifer Pell, Richard Culbert and Michael Fox:
The Kechika Yttrium and Rare-Earth Prospect (94L/11, 12 and 13)
(PDF document, 424 Kb)


Anthony B. Christie:
Cinola Gold Deposit, Queen Charlotte Islands (l03F/9E)
(PDF document, 495 Kb)


Graham T. Nixon, Christopher H. Ash, James N. Connelly and Glen Case:
Alaskan-Type Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks in British Columbia: The Gnat Lakes, Hickman, and Menard Creek Complexes
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


James L. Oliver and C. Jay Hodgson:
Geology and Mineralization, Bearskin (Muddy) and Tatsamenie Lake District (South Half), North-western British Columbia (l04K)
(PDF document, 657 Kb)


J.M. Peter:
The Windy Craggy Copper-Cobalt-Gold Massive Sulphide Deposit, Northwestern British Columbia (114P)
(PDF document, 1.5 Mb)


Industrial Minerals Studies

Jennifer Pell and Janet Fontaine:
Fluorspar in British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


G.V. White:
Feldspar and Nepheline Syenite Potential in British Columbia
(PDF document, 324 Kb)


G.V. White:
Wollastonite Occurrences in British Columbia
(PDF document, 599 Kb)


S.B. Butrenchuk:
Gypsum in British Columbia (82G, J, 83E)
(PDF document, 714 Kb)


M.E. MacLean:
Mount Brussilof Magnesite Project, Southeast British Columbia (82J/13E)
(PDF document, 214 Kb)


Virginia V. Marcille:
Industrial Zeolites in the Princeton Basin (92H)
(PDF document, 257 Kb)


P.B. Read:
Miocene Stratigraphy and Industrial Minerals. Bonaparte to Deadman River Area Southern British Columbia (92I/14, 15; 92P/2, 3)
(PDF document, 282 Kb)


K.C. Green and S. Trupia:
Structure, Stratigraphy and Industrial Minerals in the Gang Ranch Area, Southern British Columbia (92O/8, 9)
(PDF document, 332 Kb)


C.E. Kilby, E. Van der Flier-Keller, B.D. Bornhold and J.V. Barrie:
Nearshore Morphology and Heavy Mineral Deposits, Juan de Fuca Strait, Sooke to Port Renfrew (92B/5; 92C/8, 9)
(PDF document, 223 Kb)


B.J. Thompson:
Native Sulphur Occurrences in Devonian Evaporites, Northeastern British Columbia (94)
(PDF document, 269 Kb)


Coal Studies

D.A. Grieve:
Numerical Depositional Modeling of the Elk Valley Coalfield (82G, J)
(PDF document, 496 Kb)


Candace Kenyon and Corilane G.C. Bickford:
Vitrinite Reflectance Study of Nanaimo Group Coals of Vancouver Island (92F)
(PDF document, 580 Kb)


Corilane G.C. Bickford:
Geology, Mining Conditions and Resource Potential of the Wellington Coal Bed. Georgia Basin (92F/1; 92G/4)
(PDF document, 519 Kb)


Corilane G.C. Bickford, Georgia Hoffman and Candace Kenyon:
Coal Measures Geology of the Quinsam Area (92F)
(PDF document, 304 Kb)


W.E. Kilby:
Tectonically Altered Coal Rank, Boulder Creek Formation (93P/3)
(PDF document, 545 Kb)


M.N. Lamberson and R.M. Bustin:
Petrology, Sedimentology and Geochemistry of Gates Formation Coals, Northeastern B.C.
Preliminary Results (93P/3, 4; 93l/13, l4)
(PDF document, 626 Kb)


Applied Geochemistry

Paul F. Matysek, Stephen J. Day and John L. Gravel:
Applied Geochemistry Subsection:
Highlights of 1988 Activities
(PDF document,


John L. Gravel and Paul F. Matysek:
l988 Regional Geochemical Survey, Northern Vancouver Island and Adjacent Mainland (92E, 92K, 92L, 1021)
(PDF document, 531Kb)


Stephen J. Day and Paul F. Matysek:
Using the Regional Geochemical Survey Database:
Examples From the 1988 Release (104B, F, G, K)
(PDF document, 826 Kb)


W.K. Fletcher and Zhang Wenqin:
Size Distribution of Gold in Drainage Sediments:
Mount Washington. Vancouver Island (92F/14)
(PDF document, 218 Kb)


W.K. Fletcher:
Preliminary Investigation of Platinum Content of Soils and Sediments, Southern British Columbia (82E/9, 92H/7,10;  92I/14)
(PDF document, 311 Kb)


Data Systems

L.D. Jones:
The Search and Report Power of MINFILE/pc
(PDF document, 432 Kb)


Z.A. Radlowski and A.J. Sinclair:
LITHCHEM Geological Database System:
Recent Developments
(PDF document, 186 Kb)


Robert G. Berman, Thomas H. Brown and Ernest H. Perkins:
PTA System: A Software Package for Microcomputer Calculation and Display of Activity-Temperature-Pressure Phase Diagrams
(PDF document, 289 Kb)


University Research

University Research in British Columbia
(PDF document, 138 Kb)


Geological Survey Branch photograph
(PDF document, 116 Kb)


Organization Chart
(PDF document, 44 Kb)


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