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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geological Fieldwork 1986

Foreword (PDF document, 177 Kb)

Note: This PDF file also contains the document title page, CIP information and Table of Contents.


Symbols used on Geological Maps and Figures
(PDF document, 112 Kb)


Report Location Map
(PDF document, 51 Kb)


Mineral Deposit Studies

T.G. Schroeter:
Brief Studies of Selected Gold Deposits in Southern British Columbia
(PDF document, 1.1 Mb)


B.N. Church:
Geology and Mineralization of the Bridge River Mining Camp (92J/15, 920/2, 092J/10)
(PDF document, 414 Kb)


B.N. Church:
The Pacific Eastern Gold Prospect, Pioneer Extension Property, Lillooet Mining Division (92J/l5)
(PDF document, 158 Kb)


C.H.B. Leitch and C.I. Godwin:
The Bralorne Gold Vein Deposit: An Update (92HJ/15)
(PDF document, 254 Kb)


B.N. Church:
The Bubble Hotspring Deposit, Black Dome Area (92O/8W)
(PDF document, 404 Kb)


D.G. Reddy, J.V. Ross and C.I. Godwin:
Geology of the Hopkins Property, Indian River Area, Southwestern British Columbia (92G/11)
(PDF document, 217 Kb)


D.G. Reddy and C.I. Godwin:
Geology of the Bend Zinc-Lead-Silver Massive Sulphide Prospect, Southeastern British Columbia (83D/1)
(PDF document, 644 Kb)


Kathryn P.E. Andrew and Colin I. Godwin:
Capoose Precious and Base Metal Prospect, Central British Columbia (93F/6E)
(PDF document, 269 Kb)


D.A. Sketchley and A.J. Sinclair:
Multielement Lithogeochemistry of Alteration Associated With Gold-Quartz Veins of the Erickson Mine, Cassiar District (104P14)
(PDF document, 418 Kb)


G.E. Ray, G.L. Dawson and R. Simpson:
The Geology and Controls of Skarn Mineralization in the Hedley Gold Camp, Southern British Columbia (92H/8, 82E/5)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


D.J. Alldrick, D.A. Brown, J.E. Harakal, J.K. Mortensen, and R.L. Armstrong:
Geochronology of the Stewart Mining Camp (104B/1)
(PDF document, 831 Kb)


D.J. Alldrick and J.E. Gabites and C.I. Godwin:
Lead Isotope Data from the Stewart Mining Camp (104B/l)
(PDF document, 465 Kb)


T.G. Schroeter:
Golden Bear Project (104W1)
(PDF document, 761 Kb)


T.G. Schroeter and D.V. Lefebure:
Toodoggone River Area (94E)
(PDF document, 1.6 Mb)


Regional Mapping

Andre Panteleyev:
Quesnel Gold Belt - Alkalic Volcanic Terrane Between Horsefly and Quesnel Lakes (93A/6)
(PDF document, 505 Kb)


Mary Anne Bloodgood:
Geology of the Triassic Black Phyllite in the Eureka Peak Area, Central British Columbia (93A/7)
(PDF document, 449 Kb)


G. Carter and T. Höy:
Geology of Skookumchuck Map Area, Southeastern British Columbia (82G/13W)
(PDF document, 600 Kb)


J.K. Glover and P. Schiarizza:
Geology and Mineral Potential of the Warner Pass Map Sheet (92O/13)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


L. Diakow and M. Mihalynuk:
Geology of Whitesail Reach and Troitsa Lake Map Areas (93E/10W, 11E)
(PDF document, 484 Kb)


JoAnne Nelson and John Bradford:
Geology of the area around the Midway Deposit, Northern British Columbia (1040/16)
(PDF document, 610 Kb)


K.R. McClay, M.W. Insley, N.A. Way and R. Anderton:
Stratigraphy and Tectonics of the Gataga Area, Northeastern British Columbia (94E/16, 94F/14. 94K/4, 94L/1, 94L/7, 94L/8)
(PDF document, 454Kb)


D.G. MacIntyre, D. Brown, P. Desjardins and P. Mallett:
Babine Project (93L/10, 15)
(PDF document, 1.8 Mb)


N.W.D. Massey and S.J. Friday:
Geology of the Cowichan Lake Area, Vancouver Island (92C/16)
(PDF document, 479 Kb)


G.P. McLaren:
Geology and Mineral Potential of the Chilko Lake Area (92N/I, 8; 920/4)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


Industrial Mineral Studies

P.B. Read:
Industrial Minerals in Some Tertiary Basins, Southern British Columbia (92H, 92I)
(PDF document, 528 Kb)


Jennifer Pell and Z.D. Hora:
Geology of the Rock Canyon Creek Fluorite/Rare Earth Element Showing Southern Rocky Mountains (82J/3E)
(PDF document, 198 Kb)


J. Pell:
Alkalic Ultrabasic Diatremes in British Columbia: Petrology, Geochronology and Tectonic Significance (82G, J, N; 83C; 94B)
(PDF document, 1.3 Mb)


Olga J. Ijewliw:
Comparative Mineralogy of Three Ultramafic Breccia Diatremes in Southeastern British Columbia, Cross, Blackfoot and HP (82J, 82G, 82N)
(PDF document, 1.2 Mb)


Urs K. Mäder:
The Aley Carbonatite Complex, Northern Rocky Mountains, British Columbia (94B/5)
(PDF document, 378 Kb)


S.B. Butrenchuk:
Phosphate Inventory (82G and J)
(PDF document, 1.0 Mb)


G.V. White:
Olivine Potential in the Tulameen Ultramafic Complex Preliminary Report (92H/10)
(PDF document, 249 Kb)


G.V. White:
Dimension Stone Quarries in British Columbia
(PDF document, 2.1 Mb)

10 Photos (14,759 KB)


Coal Studies

D.A. Grieve:
Weary Ridge and Bleasdell Creek Areas, Elk Valley Coalfield (82J/7)
(PDF document, 250 Kb)


D.A. Grieve:
Subsurface Coal Rank Profiles Ewin Pass to Bare Mountain, Elk Valley Coalfield, Southeaster British Columbia (82G/15, 82J/2)
(PDF document, 235 Kb)


D.A. Grieve:
Coal Rank Distribution, Flathead Coalfield, Southeastern British Columbia (82G/2, 82G/7)
(PDF document, 189 Kb)


A. Legun:
A Geological Update of the Carbon Creek and Butler Ridge Areas (930/15,94B/l)
(PDF document, 181 Kb)


A. Legun:
Relation of Gething Formation Coal Measures to Marine Paleoshorelines (93P, 93I)
(PDF document, 286 Kb)


W.E. Kilby and C.B. Wrightson:
Bullmoose Mapping and Compilation Project (93P/3, 4)
(PDF document, 351 Kb)


Jane Broatch:
Palynological Zonation and Correlation of the Peace River Coalfield, Northeastern British Columbia, an Update
(PDF document, 181 Kb)


Applied Geochemistry

E.L. Faulkner:
British Columbia Regional Geochemical Survey Release – An Assessment (93G, 93H and 93J)
(PDF document, 113 Kb)


P.F. Matysek:
A New Look for Regional Geochemical Survey Data
(PDF document, 475 Kb)


P.F. Matysek and D.W. Saxby:
Comparative Study of Reconnaissance Stream Sediment Sampling Techniques for Gold: Fieldwork (93L)
(PDF document, 643 Kb)


S. Day and K. Fletcher:
Seasonal Variation of Gold Content of Stream Sediments, Harris Creek, Near Vernon (82L/02)
(PDF document, 201 Kb)


S. Zastavnikovich:
Geochemical Follow-up of RGS Data Orientation Report on the Field-Sieved Stream Sediment Sampling Method, Blackwater Mountain Area (93G/2)
(PDF document, 224 Kb)


S. Zastavnikovich and W.M. Johnson:
Regional Geochemical Surveys RGS 16 – Whitesail 93E and RGS 17 – Smithers 93L, West-Central British Columbia
(PDF document, 153 Kb)


D.A. Sketchley and A.J. Sinclair:
Gains and Losses of Elements Resulting From Wallrock Alteration, a Quantitative Basis for Evaluating Lithogeochemical Samples
(PDF document, 236 Kb)


Andree de Rosen-Spence and A.J. Sinclair:
Classification of the Cretaceous Volcanic Sequences of British Columbia and Yukon
(PDF document, 522 Kb)


Data Systems

Candace E. Kenyon:
(PDF document, 50 Kb)


A.E. Wilcox and C.B. Borsholm:
MINFILE Redesign and Progress Report
(PDF document, 441 Kb)


A. Bentzen:
Report on the Establishment of a Computer File of Radiometric Dates
(PDF document, 62 Kb)


C.I. Godwin and J.E. Gabites:
Galena Lead Isotope Research on Mineral Deposits at the University of British Columbia
(PDF document, 82 Kb)


University Research in British Columbia
(PDF document, 210 Kb)


Geological Branch Staff
(PDF document, 230 Kb)


Organization Chart
(PDF document, 43 Kb)


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