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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

G.E.M. in B.C. 1974

Geology, Exploration and Mining in B.C. 1974 465 pages (PDF 18 MB)
Metal Mines

A. Sutherland Brown
General Review of Exploration and Metal Mining

Reports on Metal Mines
Introduction; Southeast British Columbia (NTS Division 82); Princeton - Kamloops (NTS Division 92H and 92I); Southwest British Columbia (NTS Division 92 and part of 102); East Central British Columbia (NTS Division 93); Northeast British Columbia (NTS Division 94); West Central British Columbia (NTS Division 103); Northwest British Columbia (NTS Division 104 and part of 114)


General Review of Placer Mining

Reports on Placer Operations

Structural Materials and Industrial Minerals

J.W. McCammon
General Review of Structural Materials and Industrial Minerals

Reports on Commodities

Asbestos; Barite; Building Stone; Clay and Shale; Diatomite; Fluorite; Gypsum; Jade (Nephrite); Limestone; Marl; Sand and Gravel; Silica; Talc


R.D. Gilchrist
General Review of Coal Mining and Exploration

Reports On Coal Mines
- East Kootenay Inspection District: Sage Creek Coal Limited; Byron Creek Collieries Limited; Kaiser Resources Ltd. (Elkview Preparation Plant; Michel Colliery (Balmer North Mine; South Balmer Hydraulic Mine; Michel By-Product Plant; Michel Preparation Plant); Fording Coal Limited);

- Northern Inspection District:  Coalition Mining Limited; Denison Mines Limited (Quintette Project); Bulkley Valley Collieries Ltd.

- Other Districts: British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (Hat Creek Project); British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (Suquash Project); Netherlands Acceptance Corporation Ltd.

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