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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Exploration in B.C. 1994


Exploration in B.C. 1994 82 pages (PDF 5.2 MB)

by W.R. Smyth

T. Schroeter
British Columbia Mining, Development and Exploration 1994 Highlights
Introduction; Regional Perspectives and Trends; Highlights at Operating Mines; Production Levels; Operations; Metal Mines; Coal Mines; Industrial Minerals Mines; Tailings; Advanced Exploration and Development; Projects; Metals; Industrial Minerals; Coal; Highlights of Exploration; Projects Porphyry and Porphyry-Related Copper-Gold Introduction; Regional Perspectives and Trends

P. Wojdak:
Exploration And Development Highlights Northwestern Region - 1994
Overview; Trends and Opportunities; Land-Use Issues; Mineral Exploration; Atlin Camp; Tulsequah Camp; Golden Bear Camp; Cassiar Camp; Gataga Camp; Stikine Porphyry Camp; Toodoggone Camp; Iskut Camp; Stewart Camp; North Coast Area Smithers Camp; Tahtsa and Houston Camps; Babine Camp

E.L. Faulkner:
Exploration and Development Highlights Central Region -1994

M.T. Smith and M.S. Cathro:
Exploration and Development Highlights South-Central Region -1994
Highlights; Summary; Operating Mines; Metal Mines; Industrial Mineral Mines; Advanced Exploration and Development Projects; Metals; Industrial Minerals; Exploration; Precious Metal Vein Deposits; Porphyry Desposits; Stratiform Sulphide Desposits; Industrial Minerals; Prospectors Assistance and Explore B.C.; Programs; Mineral Potential Initiative; Research Activities; Land-Use Issues – Kamloops LRMP; Outlook For 1995; Acknowledgements

H.P. Wilton:
Exploration Trends and Highlights Kootenay Region - 1994

R.H. Pinsent:
Exploration and Development Highlights Southwestern Region -1994
Introduction; Highlights; Exploration Trends; Operating Mines and Quarries; Mine Development Submissions; Exploration Activity; Vancouver and Texada Islands; Southern Coastal Region; Queen Charlotte Islands; Land-Use Issues; Vancouver Island; Lower Mainland; Government Activity and Research; Acknowledgements

T.E. Kalnins and A.F. Wilcox
Assessment Reports A Source of Valuable Current and Historic Mineral Exploration Data
Summary Of Assessment Work, 1994
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